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blush  by Kya1994 blush :iconkya1994:Kya1994 2 1 I'll protect you cover by kya Original: CrazyJen  by Kya1994 I'll protect you cover by kya Original: CrazyJen :iconkya1994:Kya1994 2 0 Cover Ill protect you by kya Original CrazyJen by Kya1994 Cover Ill protect you by kya Original CrazyJen :iconkya1994:Kya1994 0 1
Mature content
Child Abuse :iconkya1994:Kya1994 0 0
Kelly Thomas
Kelly Thomas
I have to be honest
You seemed like my brother
You cried like no other
That tragic moment made me stutter
Im sure it did the same to your mother
Not only your mother, your family suffered
A tragic death, thats like no other
What if my brother was the one that suffered?
What would we do? Maybe we wouldve suffered
Theres no reason to make him suffer, I dont understand, why they show such discomfort
The fact that theres no justice
It makes me sick
These people corrupted, there such pricks
There words so obvious, it wasnt quick
Thirty minutes, much more than one witness
Moving to such limits, "Its none of your business"
It was obvious to everyone, why are they vicious?
Oh this news, such a tragic death
Those last words.. so sad, Kelly took his last breath
Although his last breath, was simply taken
through the process he was shakened, he didnt have to die such a tragic death
But no they had this chance, at Kelly they bequeathed
Cop lovers, you think we are mistaken
But really?
:iconkya1994:Kya1994 2 4
Child abuse
Child abuse
Can never choose, always bruised
Everyday, so misused
Only wanting love, just to be left confused
Many many things, I want to refuse
Such a big pain in my caboose
But only leaves them so amused
Such actions on the defenseless, its no excuse
They deserve to feel misused
What did I do wrong?
I'm just trying to belong
They hit me, and kick me, they somehow have to hurt me
So much, its so often, my clothes are just full of pee
They wont even wash my clothes for me
No sleeveless, its so needless
Simply because, strangers gain alertness
Its always endless, I'm so scared, it leaves me so sleepless
Never success, only distress
My family only makes my life a mess
Someone help me! I want to confess!
I am done suppressing my own distress!
:iconkya1994:Kya1994 2 3
Naruto: Believe it
Laughed at and hated
Because of the past
Harrassed, and outclassed, treated like trash
A decision from the past, I didnt even make
No one has the right to blame, there was no mistakes
Give me a break, for goodness sakes
He mustve done this for a reason, for my sake
This beasts history, is no fault of mine
The hatred you had, was for the beast inside
Although hes inside, and Im out here
Your hatred was taken out on a child
Thats been out here
The beast from within, doesnt control my life
Although hes had chances, I still survived
I contrived, used to be despised
But as time went by, you all finally felt despite
Im still alive, still survived, only to give everyone a big surprise
Ill always have the guts, to never give up!
Even if you knock me down, I will always get back up!
And Ill never hold back on my word, for it is my ninja way
I honestly thought once, Id run away
But I didnt run, I still stayed
In order to achieve, this goal one day
I will be the next HOKAGE!
You better believe it
:iconkya1994:Kya1994 1 0
The one thing that reaches the hearts of men, such hatred, so much destruction
It brings nothing but disruption
So many options good and bad, the options depicted, makes us sad
"Instructions" "Protection"
Are nothing but assumptions
There true intentions, are just deception
Can never admit, such crimes committed
Even the good have become unfitted
They've gained a bad name, because they cant admit
The bad in there siblings, they cant make them quit
There are good people, no doubt about it
But although there is good, there's still no justice
Believe it or not, its your decision
Even still, there's never justice
You dont know them, how could you possibly?
Not everyone is who they seem, citizens think cautiously
Not many will survive, it ends so horribly
So honestly, it shows bad quality
Not everyone deserves to die so horribly
In some situations, it ends with equality
Either way, there's more bad, then there is good
If your still not convinced, how have I misunderstood?
The tru
:iconkya1994:Kya1994 1 0
Oh friends
Become so condemned
Fiends, and friends, intend to blend
Lying and cheating
Always scheming
Teasing, sneaking, so deceiving
Reputation and approval is all that matters
The friendship they trample, it never matters
The heartless scatter, they crush tons more
When tricked infriendship, "friends" steal from the poor
Not only stolen, this friendship in the moment
Tends to be broken
Thought you could trust
But instead became crushed
The years together
The trust built was clever
But with much displeasure
The years the trust, is nothing but crushed
The trust, the time it was all for nothing
Bluffing, huffing
She became stunning
One best friend is only scuffed, 4,998 she came to love
Attention, reputation, its all that matters
And the friendship once was, has only been battered
:iconkya1994:Kya1994 1 5
Was it real?
Just a freshman in school
Turned into a fool
Thought she was innocent
But instead impotent
Shes been through things, bigger than love
Although, Above all, couldn't understand love
That first glance as strangers, was sort of quick
But never thought such a glance, could ever click
All over the place she was
As daughter of a teacher
She followed procedures
But was ever so eager
Couldn't afford
Help was offered, we scored
As sad as things were, we finally restored
At first so close, was almost there
But the stares, so clear
Finally, I couldn't bare
A love so unclear, sometimes full of cheer
Then again, still full of tears
Out of billions, a few others and I have suffered this fear
So funny, so weird, so hurtful I fear
But still always there
Ive wished to not care, but instead I was scared
And as scared as I was, it became more than just fear
At first it wasn't clear, I wasn't prepared
Then a while after, I was hit with despair
Two years I was sad and hurt
The next three, was beyond worse
:iconkya1994:Kya1994 1 0
The Infected by Kya1994
Mature content
The Infected :iconkya1994:Kya1994 1 0
The Infected Pg.1 by Kya1994
Mature content
The Infected Pg.1 :iconkya1994:Kya1994 1 0
The infected
Just as yesterday, and the day before, I’m drug from that cold dark room, at this point I don’t even bother to fight it. I don’t know who these people are, but they think I know someone there looking for. Again, and again they’d beat me, asking me things I didn’t know the answer to. I don’t even know my own name anymore, K.Y.A-212 they call me. “K.Y.A-212 Where is the Omega’s Son.” They’d yell.
Thrown back in my cell, I lay on the cold dark floor sighing with relief that today’s beating is over. After a few moments I gather myself, and lay against the hard rigged wall. I’d give any thing for a bit of light and a drawing pad. Screams come from down the hall, someone else’s turn I suppose. I cover my ears and shut my eyes, trying to escape this dreadful place.
Escape to a place with light, and freedom. A place with beautiful trees and flowers, birds singing. . . And another scream from the hall. I hold my ears
:iconkya1994:Kya1994 1 0
I never thought,
I was capable of this kind of hatred;
This kind of loathing.
Took from me all that I loved;
All that I am . . .
Because you couldn’t stand,
to have 'it' in your presence.
What if I took off your children?
A few of them are unsightly.
How about your cars, your money and power?
Because we all know that is what you love;
All that you are. . .
'THIS KIND OF HATRED' - by my friend Beccah
:iconkya1994:Kya1994 2 0
I thought my first experience at heartbreak was bad
But now, my past, and present
I honestly wish I can turn back the hands of time
Just cause everything was so much better then
We never had a reason to leave
We didn’t have to watch our shoulders twenty four seven
And we didn’t have everyone up our asses, making us do shit just so that we can keep a roof over our heads
Everything was fine, and we were happy
But now
A family cat has recently passed
The brother of that cat had to go back home
Our Farrel cats that we’ve gained bonds with for the passed seven years
Have to be, almost abandoned
It feels that way, but we help them anyway, whether the cat Nazi likes it or not
We can’t do anything if they get caught
And we can’t do anything if they want to come back
I don’t dwell on it anymore
It’s not worth crying for forever
We should’ve been given the chance to save two
The most important ones
Garfield and Big Kitty
Big Kitty was one of the fi
:iconkya1994:Kya1994 1 0
Skitty by Kya1994 Skitty :iconkya1994:Kya1994 1 14


raven and beast boy
Beast boy sat in the living room of Titans Tower playing, but not all that interested in a video game that Cyborg had gotten a week or so ago. BB had already beaten it 4 times, so now it was just for fun. Starfires sudden appearance behind him nearly sent him into arrest. "My apologies", said Starfire, "but I wish to ask your opinion on something. BB checked his heart rate then look at Star, "what’s up?" Sitting down on the couch, Star lowered her voice, "I am concerned about Raven." BB cocked an eyebrow. "To my knowledge, she continued, I have never seen Raven have fun." BB shook his head, "Forget it Star, this will end with me getting fried." Beast Boy was ready to go back to his game, but he saw the genuine look of worry on Stars face, and being the softy he was, he said, "Ok, I agree, but Raven is not the fun type, iv tried to get her to smile, or laugh plenty of times but no luck." Starfire bit her lower lip, "on my world this would be a sign of a serious problem, maybe even
:iconjason9800player2:jason9800player2 159 14
Raven by Ami-Magane Raven :iconami-magane:Ami-Magane 893 67 Com 18 Toph and Raven by GH07 Com 18 Toph and Raven :icongh07:GH07 786 112 Teen Titans - commission by Char-coal Teen Titans - commission :iconchar-coal:Char-coal 1,385 136 Raven and Beast Boy by Char-coal Raven and Beast Boy :iconchar-coal:Char-coal 467 18 Raven + Beast Boy by DeanGrayson Raven + Beast Boy :icondeangrayson:DeanGrayson 421 27 Raven by Tegz0rz Raven :icontegz0rz:Tegz0rz 1,222 88 +Hex+ Raven x Kid Flash by dou-hong +Hex+ Raven x Kid Flash :icondou-hong:dou-hong 3,874 181 Poster - Beast Boy by SparkyX Poster - Beast Boy :iconsparkyx:SparkyX 930 89 Raven and Beast Boy by Picolo-kun Raven and Beast Boy :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 13,884 416 Raven by Parkerjademerce Raven :iconparkerjademerce:Parkerjademerce 2,912 167 Smooch x3 by KasumyChan Smooch x3 :iconkasumychan:KasumyChan 562 76 TT - 'She Smiled' by SparkyX TT - 'She Smiled' :iconsparkyx:SparkyX 1,728 247 BBRae: Arguing by Ceshira BBRae: Arguing :iconceshira:Ceshira 2,810 113 Who needs a blanket.. by FelynxTiger Who needs a blanket.. :iconfelynxtiger:FelynxTiger 947 153




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Yo, it's good to be back for those of you who know me as a fellow artist. I'm not the same as before, but I'll keep fighting to stay happy, and never stop smiling. I want to work on getting good resources for art when I'm able to take care of getting work. To the makers of this site I do apologise for not making enough use out of my art skills here, my schedules for taking care of the house has been screwing with my time when I should be getting back into practice, plus all the bs that's been keeping me occupied between losing a best friend, and even a partner whom I didn't expect to betray me. For now I'll comment and like art, but I will make my profile active as soon as I have the chance.
-respectfully, Kya


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