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Pokemon+Giftart: Sewaddle and Joltik

By ky-nim
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Just a small gift for a friend who gave me a functional BW emulator! Thanks! :D
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Speaking of emulators, which one did you use (and still using) for your PKMN White Nuzlocke? I'm starting my own with the original games, but it's hard to keep track of everything (Since I have no emulator and only have the game cartridges.) 
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This is answered in the FAQ section of my profile.
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Ahhh! My two little buggy boys!! <3
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for me,  they are my little buggy girls ^^  (yeah, i have these two in black 2 that are female ^^)
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I'm so glad that bug type got so many great pokemon in gen 5.
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I now feel complete...
FuriarossaAndMimma's avatar
The only two pokemon of the fifth generation that I like.
IT'S ANDY!!!! :3 Also great picture!!!!! :3
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I can't even describe how great this is :drool:
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is it wrong that im thinking of gangnam style in this pic O_O
:iconcute-plz: Its adorable and awesome at the same time =D
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My 2 favorites of Gen V! Awesome!
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lol haters gonna hate!
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Joltik is the cutest pokémon ever.
Haloister's avatar
Don't you
(puts on sunglasses)
Bugg out on me
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So much adorable badassness i might just have a heart attack from the overwhelming cuteness! B)
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I thought you didn't like bugs?
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If you are talking about me, not all of them.
If you are talking about the nuzlocke character though, she doesn't.
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.....Like a boss. :icondealwithitplz:
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