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Nuzlocke White: 2nd Q+A Comic Part III

The third/final part of the three Q+A comics (session 2) is up! Thank you all for participating! :D

FYI, the text in Cheren's TL;DR answer is this: OH MAN, I am so glad you asked me this question! so the Pokemon League is like an unofficial region-wide governmental organization of sorts because nearly all the members in the League, including the Gym Leaders, assist in keeping the entire region safe. MOST major cities have a gym leader that is responsible for the safety of their main city and the possible surrounding towns and routes. Of course these towns and cities have mayors but even those people collaborate with the gym leaders (or in Drayden’s case, take both positions) to ensure the safety of their citizens. The Elite Four sort of keeps tabs on a certain number of gym leaders and oversees that they are doing a good job. While Gym Leaders are alowed to retire whenever, The Elite Four also have the power to replace an incompetant Gym Leader if they see fit, but that can be veto’d by the Champion. Speaking of that, the regional Champion has a lot of responsibilities and powers oh man...their main role is to be the representative of their home region while also making sure the region is safe for everyone! (and it goes on or you assume he keeps rambling and etc.)

The featured people here are: Bianca, Cheren, N, the Side Cast, and A SPECIAL BONUS SECTION!

[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3]*

Rules: [link]
The entire series gallery: [link]
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Is grinding ok for nuzloks

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About the music personifications...
I actually have a pandora station devoted ENTIRELY to music that I feel fits the mood/atmosphere/whatever of Nuzlockes, and these artists are the ones I've chosen to help build variety: Enya, Marina & the diamonds, Styx, Crush 40, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Toby Fox, Jeff Williams (composer for RWBY fyi), Owl City, Nightwish, Deadmau5, John Williams (composer for movies like Star Wars and Jurassic Park), Anna Blue, Papa Roach (anyone wanna guess WHYYY?), Daft Punk, Amalee, Lindsey Stirling, Zedd, Hamilton Original Broadway Cast, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, and Starset. I'm considering adding something to roll in Mimi's song to the mix too, so needless to say this was kinda a big reason that station exists.
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Beautiful Times AND Saltwater Room!? OH MAH GERDDD! Owl City is mah lyyyfe!
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That moment when you search up these songs and you dont understand them

well crap
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I like it how N didn't put down Nathanial
I like your taste in music... could you plz give us a translation to what andy is saying? He is adorable, but if he enjoys singing I wanna know what he sings T3T. that aside I can't wait for the finale I will be sure to read it
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i Think i should give Jordan a Theme and it will be this: Link
and all Nina team and Nina theme is: link
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Waddaya know, I have Masayume Chasing on my Anime playlist.
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Actually, Rex's theme should be this.
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i love how Cheren's signature starts with a really big capital first letter that slowly disintegrates into scribbles at the end because that's how my signature is and he's a nerd and i'm a nerd, but I also feel like your version of Cheren if very relatable, especially concerning his own expectations of himself and self-esteem. That has definitely made me enjoy his character a lot more!
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Damn Nina has an amazing theme song
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OMG Nina theme song is my fav. there is no doubt about it this is a sign!!!!!
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I know exactly what Andy's gonna do afterwards, continue being A MONSTER in free for alls... If he's not banned outright. >w>

Also Andy has an excuse, but damn, Laila doesn't even have any digits, basically just rounded leaves. SKILL.
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Andy's hand-writing is so cuuuuute! >w<
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Everything He does is adorable. It was expected... but still cute. ^w^
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N is the hero-king Unova deserves.....
But not the one it needs.
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You mean Sbrgyzgigf[error 78-4: fridge sadness]
I was gonna say something, but it's too soon...
Screw it. Swoobatman is what you should have said. Cue the fan tears.
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