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Nuzlocke White: 2nd Q+A Comic Part I

The first of the three Q+A comics (session 2) is up! The rest will be uploaded in the coming week. 

The featured people here are: Kylee (the author), Nina, Zach, and Mimi.

PS I am serious about the FAQ reading thing. GO READ THEM: FAQ Page 1 - FAQ Page 2

[Part 1]* - [Part 2] - [Part 3]

Rules: [link]
The entire series gallery: [link]
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TriforceOfWill's avatar
Zach looks so adorably sad when he says that he can't learn Petal Dance...
SilverWolfGirlGlacia's avatar positive... ;A;
Flimflanboy's avatar
I just realised the To Be Continued is straight out of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Nice touch.
Arctic-Titan's avatar
When I first heard of the Jordan pancake jokes, I loaded up Alpha Sapphire and had my Zebstrika fight with Dittos just to see the Gen 6 Stomp animation flatten Zebstrika into a pancake in the actual games.
Blue050645TL's avatar
Mimi waffles anyone?
IvantheAztecPsyhog's avatar
i think that bird said it right. If it was the "Legend of Laila" it would be LoL XD
vinkings23's avatar
No one complains about it when it's League of Legends tho .-.
Jadex-Srin's avatar
Arceus damn it's been a while since I read this. It hit the point where Pancake Jordan and awkwardpancakeeating.png was fucking hilarious.

Why did the 3 hours of Devil May Cry I played prior to this suddenly make me a heartless bastard?
What is the extra comic number I can't tell
Gottabeperfect's avatar
Oh gods that mini comic with the readers tears just got me where it kicks XD *crying tears of joy which Kynim then drinks*

The Loftwing lol pleases me

I ONLY NOW REALIZED WHY EVERYONE REFERS TO JORDAN AS A PANCAKE OH GODS WHY *cries. Kynim drinks them. cries harder. Kynim soaks Jordan-pancakes in them*
lilwitchemi's avatar
Jordan the Pancake.
Taroven's avatar
AUUUGH! no! stop with the pancakes! it hurts!
newtypeFERN's avatar

KYNIM PLS :noes:
FurryGirafe's avatar
Wait a minute Fart looks like a pancake is that mean is the reincarnation of Jordan ? TUN TUN TUN
Blue050645TL's avatar
Then she's eating Fart.
FurryGirafe's avatar
I wonder what taste he have
RockingBlur's avatar
jesus chrsit the panca ke s . . .
Flimflanboy's avatar
Props for the Zelda art, but the pancake joke was......IN BAD TASTE.
*Dons Darkglasses*
Blue050645TL's avatar
Sans. Out. I know you're in there. Yang too.
PitchBlackEspresso's avatar
... i don't get the jordan pancake jokes
ky-nim's avatar
Fans made a joke how Jordan died from rocks and got flattened like a pancake
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