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:iconkxnni:Kxnni posted a status
Sorry for not posting anything for like a month.
I have a lot of stuff I want to post, like Giovanni, Myu, Mono and Misty's reference sheets, the OC art I still need to do for FnafDulen and Cries-In-Russian, fanart of some OCs, animation memes etc.

I really want to post everything I listed, but my computer barely has any space on it for some reason and I keep getting this feeling like I forgot how to draw.

I really hope this doesn't bug you. If you have any questions to ask about this situation, please ask them here: Team-Pastel-Thots so all of you can understand and know what's going on. Also please join that group I mentioned if you haven't yet.

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Cries-In-Russian Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
here's a checklist I guess?
(first means Important, last means eh, it can wait)

[ ] Reference sheets

[ ] Fanart for your OC'S

[ ]drawing requests

[ ] animations memes

(the drawing requests and animation memes can be swapped)
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