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Yosemite GTK 3.14/3.16 Theme Alpha4

this is a beta version of the yosemite theme for gnome gtk 3.14 version. it works great on elementary since it is based on their default theme.

Second version now out!

-now more rounded windows corners. 
-fix some notebook styles
-remade some linked buttons
-small work on switches and scales
-more backdrop state work
-added YosemiteSanFranciscoFont from (…).

-rounded window corners everywhere in gtk3(still some bugs)
-plank theme
-some fixes on the dark variant theme
-small fixes on the headerbars buttons borders...(still weird)
-some color on split headerbars 
-fix text entry borders on headerbars/toolbars and on other places
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How is the theme installed?

And also how to install font and icons! Thank you!
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I forked/adapted/repaired OSX-Arc-White to have something quite similar to this theme here that now works with GTK 3.18 / elementary OS 0.4.(1) Loki. Give it a spin ...

OSe-Arc-Light - GTK Theme for elementary OS Loki by wefunkster
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Hi, could you please tell me how to install the font that you provided?
Thanks in advance!
in elementary OS loki the borders of some programs (pantheon-files, noise, pantheon-terminal...) have completely transparent borders. Only the shadow and the headerbar elements are visible. Some other programs (like epiphany, file-roller...) do not have this problem. Looks like your theme does not support programs with granite headerbars in elementary OS 0.4 Loki. Pls fix that.
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Loki runs with GTK 3.18. That's why. kymylo would have to rewrite this theme and deep dive into its CSS to port it to 3.18. Lot's of work. But yeah, it would be great to see this theme for Loki one day.
That's right. Elementary is the one who should upgrade their gtk engine. HEAR THAT DANIEL? NOW DO IT! (I'm just kidding...)
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Same issue here...
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thanks, need improvement for metacity theme, it didn't change at all.. Sweating a little... 
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on chrome, firefox, vlc player and some other apps the border (close button) didn't change.
Hi there! What if you tweak the top bar buttons more like Arc-OSX theme? It will look more nice!
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What's the music player?
It's Noise(Music) From Elementary OS.
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You might perhaps improvise a width of sliders a bit thicker
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Elementary os freya work is good, but browser chrome buttons don't switch. Any one help me?
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I liked the old one :( I hope you make something good like the old yosemite skin
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WIth all the crap gnome is going through....gnome shell is completely usable but the screen tearing and rubbery feel to the desktop makes it matter what Im a gnome hardliner and am waiting for the devs to drop Xlib and fit in wayland.
Good Stuff BTW!
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I have forked this theme and fix for Gnome-Shell 3.18 / GTK 3.18 over at…
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You Fixed it but there are some issues with my os like I want top bar font color white but its black now and when I hover on dock items there name also in black font I also want white color there
Screenshot? Thanks :)
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I encountered a bug affecting the Pantheon Terminal in elementary OS; when unfocussed the window controls are displaying the wrong buttons (see attached image).
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yeah i noticed that too, kinda annoying x.x
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I received a message from kxmylo that he will address this in the next update. Hope he's got some time to improve this awesome theme anytime soon :) 
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