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Xgtk theme gtk 3.14 - 3.12

Mac OS X Yosemite theme for gtk.
To use it you should have gtk 3.12 or higher.

FOR GTK 3.14:…
This is a testing version, if you find bugs let me know. 


    updated to new gtk version 3.14

    backdrop state
    new buttons
    new sliders
    new headerbar
    new buttons for dark variant
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Beautiful perfect
suuuuper seeeexxxyyyyyy. thank you <3
I am using freya.
how to install? sorry I am newbi
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There is a terrible bug in Pantheon. When I click to highlight the location, there isn't the usual background, so is impossible to understand what I highlighted.

I attach an image. In this case, is impossible to highlight "/usr/share/apps", because I CAN highlight. But I can't see what I highlighted. 

GTK 3.14
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please make it compatible with elementary freya 
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update this thing please (eOS Freya)
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I have forked this theme and fix for GTK 3.14…
How do you use the dark variant?
How do you make this the window theme as well as the gtk+ theme? Or is that not really an option yet? Will you add it if it isn't?
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We have forked this theme to clean it up and fix it for GTK 3.14 over at
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I am currently using your window theme from git on Fedora 21 coz I really like it. I have to use it with other gtk+ theme because the min/max/close buttons wouldn't show on Gtk apps (nautilus, gnome-tweak-tool, ...). I have those buttons on the right side as I hate having them otherwise :)

Anyway - I noticed that window titles are not exactly in the horizontal center of the titlebar which bothered me a bit. I made a change to the metacity-theme-3.xml according to some other guy's theme so that the text would center properly. Should you ever run into that problem, here's the git diff:…

Cheers Hi! 
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Much appreciated! If you'd like, you can always make a pull request on our GitHub
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Thanks, I'll update Xenite theme. Also Xenite ain't his theme. It's mine.
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this theme is very nice. but elementary os panel doesn't work with this theme. I think I've fainted. 
How do I install a theme on gtk (windows)?
Please use my Yosemite theme for Elementary OS "Freya" with issued panel:…
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