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Plastico icons

Plastico icon set for elementary os

Plastico is my very first attempt to create an icon set, I used parts of the Nitrux, elementary and Rosa icon themes, and all due creadits to their creators.

Right now there's only a 48 px size, but it works, to use it you must have intalled the elementary icon theme, then extract the .tar into .icons and selected from gnome tweak, ubuntu tweak or elementary tweak, whatever tool you use.

This icon theme comes with the folder icons Silver Marble by ~Lukeedee


-added rhythmbox, inkscape, gimp, shotwell, empathy, firefox icons
-updated a few ones and
-fixed some gradients and shapes

-added: libreoffice icons, wps office icons, notes, footnote, gedit, show-desktop and workspaces, agenda, xnoise, nuvola, vlc and some more
-fixed names on some icons don't showing
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Great job, you could try to inspire your work from the theme Pacifica to complete your icons ? this guy have great icons too !
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I don't think i will finish this set of icon, i'm working on something new i like better right now 
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Yes I saw it, the simple icon theme right ? It's awesome, I just downloaded it !
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I like these. They somehow remind me of a modern version of the Tango icons.
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Hi, nice pack! Can you add an icon for clementine (audio-player)? 
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so i love these icons but how exactly am i suppose the save them from the svg? i tried to right click and save the image, but it wont let me? is there any way i could get these icons in png icn or jpg file?
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i'm not sure, what os are you using? you could use INkscape and open one by one and then save them as a png or whatever you please 
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Here I cleaned the SVG documents for you: - I also included a folder icon, it's based on the folder from the iNX icon set (now unsupported) so now you have your own folders :D though you may want to tweak it a bit further.
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haven't had the change to thank you. so Thank you. 
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Great work on them :D, however there's a little problem with the icons, some of them contain unused data (defs) that make the SVG documents bigger in size before saving them go to File>Clean document to remove that unused data.
You work continued?
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nope, i stopped, but i'm now working on some circled icons 
Thank's for the Icons
Please icon for deluge, gparted, audacious, unetbootin, youtube to MP3, TeamViewer, K3B, Synaptic, Easytag.

Thank's. Awaiting!

Work Beautiful!
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I'll go on and make some requests, xD I would love some icons for: Spotify, Flickr, Evernote, and Wunderlist. I hope you can make them sometime.
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working on them right now :):happybounce: 
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Just great brother, superb work. 
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awesome job, they are all great, hope you can finish the settings icons, cheers!
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