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Lion - an elementary OS theme

A theme based on mac os x lion color scheme with dark tab bar.
This theme is meant to elementary OS Luna 0.2 which uses gtk 3.4

To GTK 3.8 users Download this instead:…


small fixes
sidebar text shadows
dark theme toolbar padding

selected color
granite statusbar
small bug fixes
metacity borders
dark secondary toolbar

dynamicnotebook color
new metacity buttons .svg
dynamic hover button color
sidebar selected text shadow color
some other fixes
© 2013 - 2021 kxmylo
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hi Nice theme, you know if it work in freya or not ? thanks :)
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where did I put the files?
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.themes folder in your home
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Please provide detailed Steps on how to add the icons to plank in eOS. I know how to do it manually by creating a .desktop file for each and every icon in case an icon is in .png format, but the icons tap provides are in .svg format and also I do not want to create 50+ .desktop files by hand. Is there not an automatic way how to do it?! Please help!
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How to install this on luna?? I'm newbs. I don't know...
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daownloa and extract it (for example in "Download" folder) then Open the terminal and following this comment :
sudo mv /home/mrdp/Downloads/yourtheme /var/cache/apt/archives
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excuseme :
sudo mv /home/mrdp/Downloads/yourtheme /usr/share/themes
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Great theme. But I feel selection bar color is not right. pls fix that.
Very Cool, I love it!

follow me on tagamo
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Great! Folders icons? :D
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I know this may be a little late but you can find them here:…
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something with marble, i don't remember well. 
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 cool! Looks like a MacOS Lion!
I have exactly the same problem with the maximize button as ItsCybr has. How can we fix it?
For some reason the minimize/maximize buttons are not themed when using this theme. I installed via apt-get with the elementaryupdate ppa. 

Screenshot of my problem:

Anyone know of a fix?
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kxmylo can i ask something about theming?
here it is: i want to change the color of the grey tabs bar
can you help me on where in css inside the harvey theme ill change to recolor it! thanks a lot
i actually always use your theme than elem. default since you published it!!!…
Great theme, but it don't work with nautilus windows and looks like…
Can you help me solve this problem. I want to have this theme!!!
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i tried installing this but it will not work :/ 
How did you get the folder in the dock?
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It is a stack, you can google "elementary plank stacks" and you will find some aricles that will explain you better 
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nice theme !! what is that music widget/ app ? can  u tell how to install it ? 

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it is call covergloobus, just google "covergooblus ubuntu 12.04" and there will be a bunch of blogs telling you how. 
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thanks !! going to see that !! 
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