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Adwaita OS X

By kxmylo
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A Mac OS X theme for gtk. It works perfect with gnome and elementary apps. 
Dark theme included.

GTK 3.10 and GTK 3.12

fixed a bunch of small bugs, added new gtkpopover styling and budgie-panel as well, reviewed the tabs and in general it all looks much better and i believe bug free.

now the buttons are drawn within the gtk theme itself and not depending on the icon set, a lot of bug fixes on gtk 3.12 and added the new widgets. And a bunch of stuff i don't remember anymore.

© 2014 - 2020 kxmylo
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How to install this theme
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realy good :)
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Anyone know if this will work on 3.16? :<
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ilnannyHobbyist Digital Artist
very nice work!
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looks amazing!
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AWESOME WORK DUDE...thanks a lot :happybounce: 
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Need it for gtk 3.14 please, honestly Kxmylo, the best theme you have made. Need to be updated more often. 
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spartan2276Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will this work on Ubuntu 14.04 and Gnome Shell?
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What's the name of the shell theme in the screenshot?
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kxmyloStudent Traditional Artist
it is pantheon-shell not gnome-shell
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okay, any chance of a gnome-shell theme?
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Very very very cool :)

I'm on gnome ubuntu 14.10 with gnome 3.14, but applying the GTK and window them leave the close, maximize and minimize buttons on the right. Moreover on Nautils for example, buttons are style un cross, a square and a dash :(

How can i fix this ?
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set the button layout properly from dconf-editor
it should be
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Very nice looking mate. Do you know how we can add transparency like there is in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite?
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kxmyloStudent Traditional Artist
here you have it: fav.me/d7oyqvg

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i use ubuntu 14.04.1
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how install it? when I copy the contents to a folder / usr / share / themes and run tweak tools I do not see the new theme. what should I do?
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INSTRUCTIONS: Open terminal, type: ls -a [enter]. Can you see a .themes folder? Chances are you don't have it. Create your .themes folder by typing: mkdir ~/.themes [enter]. Next, assuming you downloaded the theme zip file into your default Downloads folder, unzip the theme zip file by typing: unzip Downloads/<filename>.zip -d ~/.themes [enter]. That's it. Now run Unity Tweak Tool and check in Themes. Hope that helps.
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What fonts are you using?
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Cleodesktop Interface Designer
very nice! wall plz....
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First, I would like to thank you for your theme, it's very well made.

However, I am having an issue; in any application that uses the GTK headerbar (like nautilus), the colored buttons do not appear. It appears you fixed this issue in your 20-05-2014 update, but the downloadable verison does not work for me. I am using the following:
- Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS
- GTK 3.12 (from Gnome3-team ppa)
- GTK 3.12 applications like nautilus

By the way, what browser are you using in the picture? Is it epiphany?
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Anyone having this issue under Ubuntu 14.04?
Title bar misbehaving as well as Tabs
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kxmyloStudent Traditional Artist
must be fault of your gtk version. you need gtk 3.12 or higher. 
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