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I want moreeeeeee ;_;

best anime last season.
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Are you aware there is an art thief stealing your art?

i found this artist and their style looked too varied from picture to picture to be the same person, i googled the name of the deviation, and found you drawing it on youtube, and found a link to your deviant art on your website. here is the [link] please stop this art thief!

you have such a wonderful style <3

they have also been accused of stealing other artists works, perhaps they have other pieces youve done in their gallery.
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aww its all down already.
I sorta wanted to see it, it means I'm a good enough artist to be worth stealing from lol. Thank you for the kind compliment and letting me know :D
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yep no problem, the artist has since taken down all their stolen art, what they had put up was a screen shot of your hand while inking that picture from youtube, i must say i suspected something was up when saw how small the picture was, they were cropping out different things on pictures. just looking out for the community, i hate art thieves :salute:
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o_O they actually took a screenshot of that video!? They should put that motivation and energy elsewhere!

Once again I salute you :salute:
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YES!! I should have known you'd watch this. :d It's freaking awesome. I can't wait till they start having figures I want one! ;A;
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Nendoroid and Figmas are already on its way :D Madoka is awesomeee!!
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it continues now :) I know by Oriko Magica and after it goes to.... KAZUMI MAGICA!!
you never know what the seasons might be.
Madoka is cool kids can watch it if they are allowed. My mom thought this was kid friendly and she said ok go ahead.
Im trying to find figma in canada ( INSIDE STORES! its fine its japan or china either way im fine with it )
or if there are any madoka products in canada im taking that.
If they rate it 17+ or older teens TT_TT im gonna faint and ill explain the show to him and he will understand
im sure they gonna put that bc scary is always 17+
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I've heard of those! exciting XD
Madoka is still new, there aren't any figures out yet even in Japan so it might take a while.
I don't know about the rating, 17+ seems overboard. I've seen much more brutal and gory stuff at 17+. I'm thinking it'd be around 13-15+... It feels PG-13 to me.
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As i told you by figure fm it's sooooooo cute >,<
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thank youuuuu :heart:
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indeed!!!nice one
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