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RoyXEd: Baking Time

By kwun-kwun
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Entry to contest at :iconfma-yaoi-club: Roy and Ed preparing dessert for Christmas dinner <3


I worked really hard on this, really OTL I was sorta using this as a challenge to get myself out of a brief artblock of sorts. So I suppose I succeeded. Drawing Ed's face was really hard (I'm bad at drawing faces at that perspective) and I think I must've redone it about five times, at least.

The fridge was really hard to colour as well! I spent a long time working out how to do the highlighting and shadows. And the cake! Originally I wanted it to be cream with cocoa powder on top, like tiramisu, but, what the hell happened? It didn't even look like a cake. Then I tried chocolate, and it looked like a freakin' TREE LOG.

And then... oh, the colour scheme of the kitchen. I spent like... half an hour trying to think of what would work best. As in, choosing something with colours that could link back to the foreground so the image flows better and what-not, but it ended up looking all retro, which is unrealistic (Roy would not choose retro colour schemes for his kitchen, I don't think)... and so I stuck with creamy colours, which is standard for most kitchens.

And I also had to change Roy's shirt from purple to brown to link the picture again...

All that rambling aside... I think that it's REALLY hot when guys wear those half-aprons (the one Roy's wearing) and tie the string at the front because the string's too long for their hip-measurement. (that's weird)

~~ end of rambling

I want to win that jacket so bad... I hope my efforts don't go to waste... OTL
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I found this while looking for Breaking Bad stuff, and all I can think of is
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Whaaaat how is this related to Breaking Bad?? XD
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No idea. Was just searching for Breaking Bad stuff and this was among the results.
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I don't ship them, but this is adorable. :meow:
Do you mind if one day I use the pose as a reference to draw something Ed x Winry or Roy x Riza? Of course I put the credits of reference for you. #D
No problems if you didn't authorize, I understand perfectly! :thanks:

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Thanks hon! I'm fine with you using this as ref. Go crazy with it <:
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Thank you for your kindness! ♥
When it's ready, I'll send for you to see if you want. :meow:
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Sure, I'd love to see it! <:
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This is really freakin' adorable. <3 And Ed has done a surprisingly neat job at icing that cake! XD
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thanks dear! he still got the cocoa powder on his face, but nevermind. <:
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This is such an original, adorable idea <3
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I love how you changed up Ed's hair a bit with the bobypins :D Love this, and think its cute! Good job!
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thank you! ed is quite cute with his fringe back, I think <:
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No problem!! I never thought of him doing that, and this convinced me that, yes, you are indeed right :meow:
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Out of all of the detail in this, the first thing I notice is the note on the fridge XD I love that quote... And it somehow fits Ed very well.
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Hahaha, you're right, I can see him saying that <: Thanks hon~

I took that quote from watching Iron chef (Japan) XD
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awwww! :)

i think you just made me a RoyxEd fan!
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awww it's so cute like newly weds i love it :heart:
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Yes they aarrrrrreeee <3 thanks!!
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So adorable. XD
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