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Tarantula Mortal Kombat

Scorpions Nightmares wouldn't end that easy, something dark is coming after him, something dark but so familiar.
Real Name:Unknown.
Allies: None.
Enemies: Scorpion.
Weapons:Arm Blades, Shuriken.
Fighting Style:Taijutsu,Budo,Hapdkido.

Her story takes place in Earthrealm
One of those dark days a young girl, Kiyomi Yuka tries to protect her little sister Shinju from the depredation of an army with masked ninjas named Shirai Ryu. Little Shinju grabbed by the masked ninjas while Kiyomi was cruelly lashed and kicked till death. After a few hours Kiyomi was dead. Due to her angry spirit Quan Chi recognized her aura as a great revenge to the masked ninja Scorpion. He send her soul to Netherrealm and trained her with Sharai Ryu techniques to become an evil and bloodlust creature. He removed her human nature and replaced it with a spectre form. After years of hard training and thorough familiarity with brutal skills Quan Chi gave her the name Black Spider(or Tarantula) due to her ability of seduction and cruelty. He deceived her to believe that one of the masked ninja grabbers of her sisters was Scoprion, and guided her to vanish him. But Black Widow(Tarantula) seemed to be more worried about her little sister so she took her own path and left Quan Chi with one promise. Kill Scorpion, Take Revenge, Find my Sister...
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