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8 Days 2nd Draft by KWilliamsAuthor 8 Days 2nd Draft :iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 1 0
Trailokya Trilogy: Book Three, The Lucent Rise Pro
Thumb pressed to his lip, Oriael kept his emotions in check. As a power, he had long ago mastered them, and thankfully so. The call had come hours before, just after losing the battle with his assign over whether they should interfere or not. Oriael’s pale eyes stared into the nothingness. He did it for Caleb’s own good. If they swept in and continued to rescue Jett Colburn, then Holly would forever remain his. If Maiel fell, that would precipitate a war which would end in the destruction of Earth and all they fought to protect humans from.
Caleb was just not ready to hear the truth of everything before that point. He was too restless and headstrong. The moment the boy knew Holly was the red erela timing would go by the wayside. Plans would fall apart. Oriael decided that now was the time to share what he could and hope that Caleb had sense to take his advice and stand down. After all, Holly wasn’t alone. She had the significant aid of an erela with greater d
:iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 0 0
Trailokya Trilogy: Book Two, Prologue
Máriabesnyő, Hungary, 1960. Pacing the hall outside of Father Orius’s office, Father Gallo tried to gather his thoughts. He scratched the black hair on top of his head. It had been an hour since the good Father left with their charge, an over seven-foot tall restoration of his faith. Despite the overwhelming joy he had felt in the messenger’s presence, something unsettling descended on his shoulders since her parting. His dark eyes searched the gloomy space. Bethiah, they had called her, Daughter of God. He nearly laughed, filled with the secrets of a truth beyond what any man or woman was capable of holding, let alone accepting. Gallo still struggled with letting go.
Gallo paused in his musings, eyes crossing the heavy wooden door of the rectory. This was the place he first saw her, standing at the base of the stairs, he imagined he dreamed. A shadow crept across the four glass panes set at the top of the portal. He held his breath until he realized a
:iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 0 0
Trailokya Trilogy: Book One, Prologue
In the dawn of the seven worlds, King Adonai forged the trinity of Jahannam, Samsara and Zion, which he called Triloki. Mirrors of each other, Triloki served as a home for atman, the crystalline life force which lived at the core of all beings. Grateful to their ruler for such a gift, the children of Nirvana populated Zion, and called one another duta. Here they  lived in peace, forgetting their home world though forever reaching to it. The peace lasted until the creation of souls. Souls were atman of lower resonance, given the rule and spaces of Samsara, beyond the next higher mental realms of the Astrals and the barrier world Avernus, in which they would inherit physical form and strengthen until they became duta. None were more revered than the human soul, formed to resemble small, wingless duta. Alas, the atman of souls were far weaker than those of the duta and many of the first race were insulted by the presentation of such a grandiose gift to those they deemed unwo
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Op-Dec: Operation Deceit, Ch. 2
Chapter 2
     The silhouettes of the trees made it difficult to see the houses of Warren Street from the road.1  Their lights twinkled between the branches and leaves, glistening on the stone of walks and the wet pavement, giving only a hint at their true grandeur as the car coasted by. Claire took it in with a thirst she never knew she retained for home. Licking her lips, she waited for the house to come into view. She worried it would turn into the nightmares she underwent over the nights since her aunt told her she would go. Her father did not call to be sure she would attend. He did not even call to congratulate her. He was either too busy or too used to getting his way that it little mattered.
"Be there in just a minute, Miss," the driver said. He must have noticed her anxiety.
Claire's eyes flicked to the back of the man's head. She didn't recognize him. Father changed drivers too often to recall any. He sent this one to get her at the t
:iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 0 0
Untilted Historical Novel - Pr
Untitled Hisotrical Novel - Prologue
The dark cabin of a merchant ship shrouded two figures, as they reflected on their life's fortune and sudden misfortune.  A lone lamp swung in mute knell.  Staring at each other over the surface of a rickety table, the couple silently prayed.  Locked forever in the bowels of a ship was not how they envisioned their death.  However, the ferocity of the storm tossing their vessel across the waters of the Atlantic was quite convincing.  
A soft smile twisted the corners of the woman's age thinned lips.  In the least, they had enjoyed much time together and would not need suffer one without the other.   She stretched her thin pale arm toward her companion.  Without question, he clasped the digits of her hand in his.  He offered a wavering smile, hoping to gird her with strength if his had left him.  She smiled more deeply, now reflecting on b
:iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 1 2
X Series 2 Ch. 10
Chapter 10
Charles Xavier listened intently to the collared man sitting across from him at tea.  His guest held the delicate porcelain cup as if he had forgotten it.  Charles could barely make himself drink, so distracted by other dealings.  His mind reached until it hit a bleak barrier.  His stomach flipped over making him queasy.  He set his cup down.
“Getting your message was one of the single most highlights in my service to the church as yet,” the man spoke to Xavier, with a thick brogue.  “It has been so long since we saw Maya.  I thought her lost to us.  You must tell me everything.”
“Forgive me if I don’t,” Charles offered a placating smile.  “Not even I know her whole story.”  The guest nodded and returned the smile understandingly.  “When Gemini—”  Xavier half laughed at calling her by her Mu
:iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 1 0
August 2009 by KWilliamsAuthor August 2009 :iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 0 6 My First Book by KWilliamsAuthor My First Book :iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 3 12 White Fire Witch by KWilliamsAuthor White Fire Witch :iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 1 8
X-Series 2 Ch. 9
X-Series 2, Chapter 9
Maya emerged from the landscape overlooking the cave her enemies called home.  The secret lair of the brotherhood was not unknown to the x-team.  Rather, it was left to its own devices, in an effort to keep peace between the mutant factions.  Maya understood that her lone actions spoke for the entire team, and the precarious peace would more than likely fall to pieces.  It seemed a bit unfair considering all the times the brotherhood had breached the walls of the institute.  Hiding behind a cloak of colors patched together in the name of mutant rights, Magneto had always worked for his personal agenda.  In light of such, Maya felt quite justified.  She owed them nothing but a fight.  After all, kidnapping a child was a declaration of war.  
Maya turned her attention from brooding to moving toward the target.  Her figure lifted into the air and she floated to
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X-Series 2 Ch. 8
X-Series 2, Chapter 8
The dull lights now cast enough light to see clearly by.  From the gold eyes of an animal, Jack Reynard stared at the reflection of a stranger.  The familiarity he once had with himself faded behind his newly sharpened and fiercer features.  His yellow hair had reddened, while a thick coat of black fur grew to his elbows.  The smells of the prison pressed against him unacceptably strong.  
“What have I done,” Reynard rasped with a voice he did not know.  The sound startled him, making his triangular ears twitch.
Reynard’s eyes flit nervously about the reflection.  He was still alone.  He wondered how long it had been since they coerced him into being a mutant guinea pig.  They had failed to return out of fear of what they had created.  No watch or clock hung in sight to give him an answer.  Reynard sneered at himself and turned away.&
:iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 0 0
Untitled I
There is Nothing,
Left for me,
But to cry,
My tears of,
For the Storm,
Has passed,
And taken with it,
The clarity of my,
The Rain drizzles down,
The clouds are banked,
And I cannot see,
Over five paces before me,
As I travel my path,
At speeds beyond,
My control.
:iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 1 7
X-Series 2 Ch. 7
X-Series 2, Chapter 7
      Magneto entered a hall of cells from a stout iron door at one end.  He paced halfway and then paused to look through metal bars at a once powerful man.  Jack Reynard stared at the floor, disheveled with the beginning of a beard on his chin.  It appeared the businessman’s stay in the Brotherhood’s lair had broken him.  Magneto raised a brow and tasted his thoughts of success.  It amused him how fragile humans were.
Reynard lifted his eyes to the mutant leader holding him captive.  He could see the delight in the elder man’s face.  Despite his age, Magneto proved the stronger.  Reynard bit his tongue.  In the day or so since his capture, he had learned the safety of silence.  All ideas of being untouchable left his mind.
“Have you rested well, Mr. Reynard?”  Magneto tried not to mock the wea
:iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 0 5
Marna--Screenplay Version
INT. MARNA’S BEDROOM                    DAY
Twenty year old MARNA sits alone on the edge of her bed -- black makeup runs from soundless tears -- in one hand, Marna holds a fantasy knife -- Her dark red lips tremble -- her black bob stands up matted and snarled -- a black ribbon choker wraps her pale throat -- dangling from it is a silver pentacle -- her legs dangle off the edge of the bed --- she is dressed Goth style with platforms reminiscent of Halloween -- Each wrist lay in black bands and spike bracelets -- finger nails are painted black–- shabby black cargoes stop at the knees and a wrinkled shirt spotted with paint --  a Black Cat sits her feet swatting the strings of Marna’s pants.  No sound or movement -- statuesque, Marna stares out a gray window framed in black -- the room is dark except for the white light shin
:iconkwilliamsauthor:KWilliamsAuthor 1 0
X-Series 2 Ch. 6
X-Series-Chapter 6
Jack Reynard darted from the front door of his Manhattan brownstone.  His long stride carried him quickly to a black car idling at the curb.  The car door opened under the effort of the waiting driver.  Jack stopped short, examining the tinted windows of his ride, or perhaps his reflection on the black paint.  His sharp eyes went to the face of a young man unfamiliar to him, wearing the uniform of his usual servant.  The corner of his mouth raised in a doubtful grimace.
“Where’s my driver?” Jack asked.  
Jack turned his frame to face the kid, who stood quite a bit shorter than him.  He sneered, wondering if some hack terrorist was intent on kidnapping him for some paltry ransom.
The young man smiled back at Jack boldly.  He was not intimidated by their height difference.
“He’s taken the day off,” the kid answered.  His mouth made a bitter twi
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Imagine that! Spring is upon us already. The year is chugging along at top speed. Make sure to take time for yourself and to stop and smell the roses as they pop in the coming months. 
Each year that goes by, it goes by faster. 

So, what is on the docket for this month? 

I've been busy building all my art pieces for the coming release of Burning Down, Book Two of The Trailokya Series. You can see some of them in my gallery. I completed the book trailer a few weeks ago, and you can see that here. I've also decided to vlog instead of just blog over on The Blue Honor Blog. You can see the first episode of that on April 22, on the blog. Subscribe to get it in your email. Each month I'll do a new video and post it to my YouTube Channel. 

Did you know Trailokya has a soundtrack? Find that on YouTube or Spotify.

Stay tuned for updates! 

Thanks for stopping in! 

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