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Caldari kestrel

By Kwibl
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I liked this thumbnail too much from the Griffin redesign so i decided to flesh it out and get it out of my system.
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I really wish it would be the actual model there is in game now
SkarmoryThePG's avatar
Man, I wish this goes the way of the Griffin.
Sheparrd's avatar
Great design cant wait to See it in game
RoseEyedPariah's avatar
This actually looks amazing enough that I would trade in the current Manticore model to see what a Stealth Bomber version of this would look like.
Heart-und-Seoul's avatar
That looks very rugged, yet fast.
I love this model! It kind of reminds me of what a good heavy assault fighter from the freespace series woukd look like. However, it's not really that well suited for the kestrel. I could see this as a much welcomed upgrade to the caldari navy hookbill though.
CaveGrue's avatar
I was thinking the folded mode kinda looked like a Zeus light bomber from freespace
whats the possibility of getting this as a 3d render so that i can import it to the game spaceengineers?
utsavshah's avatar
this is amazing!
what kind of software do you use? sketchbook, PS...?
Kwibl's avatar
Photoshop for any initial sketches (like here…) - then i go into Modo to make the basic grey-box models you can see to the sides, then back into photoshop to paint over to add materials and little details.
abdamit's avatar
OMG that´s awesome
This is way better than the current kestrel, but it's still trying to look like an airplane, which is a really bad trend in fictional spaceship design. There is no air in space, and no friction either, so those wings must be thermal radiators or heatsinks. Still, thinking that spaceships work like airplanes instead of rockets is better than thinking that they work like boats.

Bonus points : the main thrusters seem to be aligned with the center of mass. If it isn't the case, your ship would be unable to accelerate in a straight line and would spin around endlessly.
The wings could also be a place for a mounting for external weapons if theybcoukd not be mounted on the dorsal or ventral portion of the hull, for the ship to be stored on a carrier craft. The wings could have thrusters mounted farther away from the ship's center of mass to provide more meneuverability
Kwibl's avatar
It's less to look like a plane and more to borrow elements from a bird in the design, given the naming conventions and general trend CCP is taking with Caldari ships looking a bit more avian.

And yeah, none aligned thrusters, or thrusters that don't at least look aligned, bugs me too. I love asymetry
DarkMalfunction's avatar
I love it, it's just I also love the Manticore and I'm not seeing the design lineage.... unless you're secretly re-doing the Manticore too!
Kwibl's avatar
Honestly it started out as a Condor redesign but i figured they've redone the condor recently anyway and the Kestrel is a bit old. I'd probably have another crack at it with the Manticore in mind later, but i feel like the Manticore is already the prettiest bomber, so not sure what i'd do to it.
CaveGrue's avatar
To me, this looks most like a hookbill, and while I like it a lot, I just don't think it looks like a Kestrel without that weird catamaran thing the Kestrel and Manticore have going on
RowanKeltizar's avatar
Truly superb design! Fits very well with CCPs current caldari style.  I'd love to see a redesign of the Osprey/Basilisk at some point. Also, the Barghest looks ugly to me... compared to the Mardu frigate and cruiser.
Kwibl's avatar
I think the barghest works, but not as a battleship. It looks like a carrier or something.

I'll probably do the Osprey if i do more of these, it'd be interesting to do a cruiser.
calumkz's avatar
nice! the top down looks like an A-10 mixed with that Russian plane with weird wings that i cant remember the name of
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