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Heya, Long time no post!

This is one of the cards I made for Crit game's CCG.

Hopeyou guys dig!    
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For some reason, Falstad Wildhammer from Warcraft comes to mind, even if this gryphon rider is a holding a spear amd not a hammer
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I have a very little knowledge when it comes to the warcraft lore and gryphon riders are pretty much staples in many fantasy genres as far as I'm concerned lol.

Maybe I should research more on the warcraft universe and make a piece out of it. :D
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my first sighting of gryphon riders was Warcraft 2 Beyond the Dark Portal, with Kurdan Wildhammer, i haven't seen gryphon riders aside from Warcraft

Warcraft has a very deep lore to it, 10000 years of actually recorded history due to immortals, a lot of this lore was witnessed by Illidan Stormrage
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Noted. will this things up when I try to make a fanart. thanks m8
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Illidan is also my favorite character in Warcraft, so it would amazing to see you draw him
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"Half this beast is endangered. The other half IS danger!"
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Not the response i expected

I was expecting "isn't Falstad dead?" But i like the response i got
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Couldn't help myself.

Most of Ironforge thought the same thing, though Falstad got a raw deal for a while...
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i believe that's one of his jokes in Heroes of the Storm, don't remember of the top of my head

yeah, it's even mentioned in Heroes of the Storm (because Thrall is voiced by the writer of Warcraft's lore, Chris Metzen) this was a minor meme among Blizzard fans, i don't think Metzen will hear the end of it
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It was one of the gryphon riders' numerous joke lines in WarCraft III.

Ah.  Nope, I don't think they will. Though it probably pales compared to the likes of Leroy Jenkins and Juraxxus ^^;

From what I know, Falstad kept an eye on Aerie Peak while Kurdran Wildhammer was fighting to stop the second Horde invasion on Draenor. Upon his return, Falstad was practcally cast aside.. things got worse after King Magni of Ironforge turned into a crystal and his daughter, Moira tried to strong-arm her way to the throne..
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i didn't remember much of the phrases in Warcraft 3

i doubt so either, Blizzard has made many Leroy Jenkins jokes

yeah, many stores, i believe it was Varian who formed the Council of Three Hammers
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I'm surprised I still remember a handful of them. .

And there's the infamous Onyxia wipes  bits. (see Raid master origin)

Yep, the Blood in the Snow scenario. 
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Thank you so much! :)
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Youre welcome! ^^
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