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Scheduling - Lott Dod + Mik Regrap (Lufa Danak)



The next group from the magazine cover. This was the first group that I did, and, given that it's Lott Dod (<3), I put extra effort into it. I think he's supposed to be planning his schedule with his his diplomatic aide, Mik Regrap.

The magazine cover:

EDIT: YES I KNOW MIK REGRAP SHOULD BE LUFA DANAK. This was made before the Rogues Gallery confirming this, which means a copy of my error is now part of the Belgian literary archives, which I will forever be salty about!
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Luckily I don't think Lott dies in the saga. He doesn't have a death date listed on Wookiepedia. However Dod does look like the oldest of all the Neimoidians.