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Neimoidian Magazine Cover - For Teekay-421



Entitled "The Greatness of Neimoidianity," appearing on the back cover of TK Magazine issue 60.

I'd been given permission a week early to post this! THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why I had been inactive for so long. 150+ hours of work has gone into this, and the uncompressed file was SO big, that it almost broke SAI.

I was asked back in December by the president of the Belgian Star Wars fanclub, Teekay-421 ( to do the back cover art of their June 2012 magazine, featuring Neimoidians. You literally have no idea what an amazing honour this was; ones of the best things that has ever happened to me! Belgium is where Star Wars started for me, when I was four years, it's all come full circle. He later told me that it was one of his favourite back covers ever; I almost cried.

Each group of Neimoidians (seven, in total) was drawn and coloured separately, then combined into this image. I will be uploading each of the groups, individually, over the next month.

This particular magazine is being sent to Lucasfilm Online, JediNews UK, Tsuneo Sanda, AND Anna Graves (who voices Duchess Satine), so, fingers crossed that this leads to something good! 8DD

Sib Canay + Aide:
Lott Dod + Mik Regrap:
Lushros + Daultay Dofine:
Lok Durd:
Rute Gunnay:
Nute Gunray/Rune Haako:
Mar Tuuk + Tey How:
The background:
The nametags:

The hard copy:

EDIT: YES I KNOW MIK REGRAP SHOULD BE LUFA DANAK. This was made before the Rogues Gallery confirming this, which means a copy of my error is now part of the Belgian literary archives, which I will forever be salty about!
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