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One of the better looking pics from my SEIV portrait project in original size
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The Pak'ma'ra are just so scary that no one messes with them.
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No one appreciates the pak'ma'ra. This is one of only two pictures on DA.
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I think they're just badly advertised.
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Tell me about it. I mean, for all their lack of glamor, I've never seen a pak'ma'ra do anything BAD. They've never invaded worlds like the Narn, slaughtered millions of civilians like the Centauri, waged wars of genocide like the Minbari, or backed raiders like the Drazi.
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Maybe that's why they're so unpopular. Showing no interest in conflict fails to draw attention on any scale.
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Byron is unpopular. The pak'ma'ra are mostly just ignored.
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Being unpopular or ignored means quite the same in light of DA searches. No one draws Byron either.
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... the fact that they're eating carcass makes them more scary ...
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Wow!! This is excellent! :D

We've just added this to our favorites at Anla-Shok. :+fav:
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Damn fine work, my friend!!!
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Hey, this is *very* nice! Steve Austin (the guy who wore the Pak'ma'ra costume for 4 of the 5 years the show was on the air) would probably get a kick out of this. Can I send him a copy?
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Yeah, you can, and I would be glad too :)
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I sent it to him and he liked it a lot. :-) I listed a link to your DeviantArt page too.
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wow! nice textures in this fella.
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