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A redesign of the Spathi in case Stardock decides to put the cowardly space-slugs in Star Control: Origins
Spathi HD
Just a quick reimagination of the Spathi, sticking to the classic look as much as possible in the world of modern graphics. Worked 2 hours on this one.
Not much is known about the Ploxis race, beyond the short history described by a rebel captain of that race, who had spent quite some time in suspended animation. The Ploxis were at once a race that celebrated diversity, and believed deeply in the idea of fairness and of the correlation between success and worthiness as a sentient. This liberal attitude caused them to respect even those who decided that the acquisition of wealth and power should be their primary motivation. By the time the peace-loving Ploxis decided to take a stand against these new thinkers, the Plutocrats, it was too late. The Plutocrats had already made contact with the K'tang Kaktorri, and had swapped technology for servitude. With the K'tang and various Precursor artifacts, the Plutocrats made short work of those Ploxis who wished to cling to the old ways. All that remains of the defeated forces are a few scattered individuals in suspended animation.
The Doogs are the workhorses of the Crux. They're earnest, hard-working beings with a deep, abiding trust in all creatures. They are loyal to a fault. Their loyalty often looks like stupidity to more cynical races, but they're not stupid, merely unsophisticated and more than a little naive. They have the kind of compassion and sweetness usually associated with small children, which makes them look somewhat slow. But they're not slow; they just sincerely believe what they're told. Their ships reflect their nature: They're builders and defender's, not warriors.

The Doogs don't serve the Crux voluntarily. They were enslaved in an elaborate scheme that took advantage of their guileless nature. The Ploxis tricked the Doogs into working for the Crux by secretly directing K'tang to attack the Doogs' richest worlds. The Ploxis offered to broker a "truce" between the K'tang and the Doogs, but not before the K'tang destroyed the Doogs' food supplies.

To fend off starvation, the Doogs purchased emergency rations from the Ploxis at massively inflated prices. When the Doogs were unable to pay, the Ploxis loaned them the food at outrageous levels of interest. The Doogs must work for the Crux until this debt is paid.

This will never happen, however: The Ploxis have orchestrated an elaborate "company store" price-fixing scam. The longer the Doogs work for the Crux, the deeper they become. The Doogs must buy all their colonising materials from the Crux, who charge them more than they pay for the completed work. The Ploxis call this a "free market," and have convinced the Doogs that it's fair, even though they forbid the Doogs to buy materials from any other source.

The Doogs not only accumulate debt faster than they pay it off, but the harder they work, the faster they accumulate debt. They also must pay annual "protection dues" to be members of the Crux, protected from Crux enemies. Adult Doogs owe not only a lifetime of labour, but the labour of their offspring. Soon they'll owe the labour of their grandchildren.

And so on.

The Doogs are sad about their servitude, but their innate sense of decency keeps them from rebelling.



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powing129 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018
Is there such a thing as a "best race" in Space Empires 4? If so, who is it?

By the way, are you considering redesigning the Xi'Chung, the Praetorians, or even the EEE?
powing129 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018
What can be told about the Mu'Kay?
Frogboy Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Love your work!
powing129 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018
Is there much known about the Pinthi?

What about those squid things?
Frogboy Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Pinthi are a sentient virus. 
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