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Fanart: The Dark Tower

By Kwatsu
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My favourite Dark Tower novel is The Wastelands, and one of my favourite scenes is Eddie Dean's dream of the Dark Tower in the field of roses. Here's what it brought to mind. :D

EDIT: New and improved version.

EDIT EDIT: People keep favouriting this, so I'm moving it out of Scraps.

The Dark Tower is (c) Stephen King.
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...very interesting.
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I like this one better.
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Nice, I love the design of the tower! Lol, my least favorite novel is Wastelands. Drawing of the Three is the best!
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Woah! That is a pretty cool design for the tower right there. Very weird and otherworldy, which you don't see a whole lot, strangely. I like it a lot.

(Wastelands is my favorite too. In strict competition with Drawing of the Three.)
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its and the nex version are great ^^
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wonderful my friend ! and yes the scene in eddie's dream in simply out of words
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My favourite so far is Wizard and Glass (the one im reading now) i love the romance between Roland and Susan
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I want to sink in these roses.
Thank you.
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This is cool, I like the whole field of roses.
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ive litterally just read this part of teh book today and i think you have captured the words very well, i liked your other version as. keep up the good work :)
rimix's avatar
I like it better then your second! This is rougher.
I love the series, and totally connected to it...
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This is awesome. I haven't finished reading this book, so I didn't read your comment or anyone else's haha. You did a fabulous job.
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This is the best :P more details made it better!
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This is great, i like your take on the Tower.
Fels-in-der-Brandung's avatar
Sorry, but I like the old version more ^^ The structure is less sophasticated, but I prefer the angle , the colors and the roses in the foreground. A combination would be great.
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Yeah, it seems a lot of people are saying this, but this version is better than the second one, in my opinion. I can't really put my finger on it, but this version just seems to communicate better.

Personally, I like the fact that the top of the Tower can't be seen in this version. It's one of those cases of addition by subtraction, I guess.
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thats awsome, i'm reading the wastland at the moment, i've nearly finished it, then will read the others, that picture is exactly as i imagined it (i read that bit last night) with a sureal twist, i'm nervous to look at too muck DT art, incase it gives te end away! how did you do the picture? photoshop?

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Painter IX and maybe some Photoshop touchup.
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OMG so pretty! You've made this so beautiful. <3
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This is BADDASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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