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Castles In The Air


I’ve felt stuck in a rut recently: I just seem to be doing the same sort of pictures over and over, namely ¾ character drawings scanned and coloured. Boring, boring, boring. So here’s a little variety to make me stretch my wings. Not to say there aren’t character drawings in here. Hopefully they will be a little more interesting, though, despite the fact not everything’s coloured.

Don’t accept the mundane as mundane;
See beauty everywhere.
Find poetry in a blade of grass,
And castles in empty air.

A combination of palette knife, airbrush, and my favourite soft watercolour brush in Painter IX. I just wanted to paint some architecture for a change. Once it was done, I wasn’t happy with the clouds so I plugged it into Photoshop and, on a whim, used the smudge function, which I never use. Now they look swirly and cool.

Painter IX, mostly.
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Very beautiful scenery! :D :D
WingDiamond's avatar
"Building castles in the sky
Just the 2 of us
You and I!"

Excellent! Very pretty.
kurosukai's avatar
That is really nice. It's very pretty. I ♥ the clouds. It seems like something from a dream or alternate reality, very mystical. Well done!
Tristar-Phoenix's avatar
Absolutly beautiful. I've always loved castles and this is a lovely fatastical picture!
Burnheart's avatar
It's so simple yet so beautiful! I love it!
AliceSacco's avatar
Wow, i love it, blue and white, so fancyful!
Demiga's avatar
Ouu! This looks EXACTLY like that castle I saw in my dream!!! Except the only difference is that the one in my dream was on land. But this is way more beautiful!
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Cyber-Shady's avatar
That looks really pretty. Well done there :clap:
Veildandy's avatar
OokamiSabishii's avatar
I was looking for something like this...
simply amazing!! ^_^
oOBakkenOo's avatar
LittleAangell's avatar
congratulations for ur talent. it's awesome. it's the castle form my dreams. :)
MookieIX's avatar
Beautiful x3

kakiprints's avatar
i loaded this page listening to 'faraway promise' from the chrono cross soundtrack.. and it like.. brought tears to my eyes. love it!
Kwatsu's avatar
That's great, thanks very much!
Starryson's avatar
Wow ! Really fantasic !
brown-eyed-alien's avatar
Sweet! Castle in the sky!
Gridz's avatar
Oh, thanks a lot! Now that you have a picture of my home up here, everybody's going to want to see it in person! Sheesh! I'll never again have some privacy.

This is great!
foeo's avatar
Very nice picture, I like it :) . Just a bit tilted. Must be the winds up there, the camera man is having a hard time ;) .
SanguineAthena's avatar
Yiiii card power!

I think the simplicity is well done, and the explanation is well fitted. However is it just me, or does the castle lean to the left?
Kwatsu's avatar
Very slightly, though I did try to fix it. Might be because I'm right handed.
SanguineAthena's avatar
Ohhh yes I see... well, be ambidextrous from now on :P
Kwatsu's avatar
Yes. Yes, I will do that.
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