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Feferi Shimeji
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Published: July 9, 2011
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I swear I had no idea where to post this...

This quite literally took me forever to get done, partly because of technical issues, but yea this is a shimeji of Feferi Peixes from Homestuck! The pic up above is a preview of the cuteness. Oh, but don't worry, it's not this big! I managed to make the whole thing in Vectors, so it was a little easier to finish.
This was inspired by a conversation with my sister about the Homestuck shimejis on deviantart:
Sister: That's weird...
Me: What?
Sister: You know the Homestuck shimejis right? I can't find a Feferi one.
Me: Oh, I'll do that.
*the whole month I did nothing*
Sister: *nothing*
*the day after I actually start*


Anyway, what you need to do is download the .zip file to the right and extract it. I use something called Universal Extractor, but I've heard from others they use Winrar, so that's fine. Then it works like any other shimeji, click on the .jar file and it'll start.

Ignore the crossed out part, that was for before I made it a .rar file. Pretty much extracts the same way.

One thing I had to do so my computer would let me zip the file is rename some very important files. They were in Japanese and I'm using an old computer, so I had to do that to make it work. HERE'S THE NAMES YOU NEED FOR THE FILES:
There are two .xml files in the conf folder, a 43kb one and a 10kb one. I named them "one" and "two". The correct file names are as follows:

動作 – 43kb
行動 – 10kb

Just copy the Japanese characters from here and paste them in the place of "one" and "two". Make sure the right names go to the right files!

There's a text document in the shimeji folder that I titled "About". Replace the name with this:

I'm not sure if this is vital, but it's good to have that just in case. Sorry for the hurdles!

Let me know if you have any problems, I'll try to help.

Feferi Peixes (c) Andrew Hussie
I did the art though...

Aaaaaaa I just remembered! I made all the art and stuff, but I used the Karkat shimeji here [link]§ion=&q=karkat+shimeji#/d35m30z by :iconzethrina: as a reference. I hope you don't mind!
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enderstornHobbyist Writer
Just keeps saying "Failed to load configuration files. See log for more details."

Well, not only is that excruciatingly annoying, but there are also no log files.
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HendersonyStudent Artist

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enderkidisellieStudent General Artist
I-I cant seem to find the download link this may be a problem
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ApertureRadStudent General Artist
just click the download button to the right :3
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JoyofMurderHobbyist Artist
My gosh, this is perfect! I've been looking for a Feferi and this is just the cutest thing!
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Megcr8Hobbyist General Artist
 need serious help with this shimeji stuffs
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Tiger610Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:33< my computer can't find the file
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KwartzKittenStudent General Artist
I'm not sure why.
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Tiger610Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:33< here's the result:…
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She looks so cute! x3
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KwartzKittenStudent General Artist
Tha~nks! I'm really pleased with how she turned out.
SweetieOrange's avatar
Yeah, she looks pretty ^^
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I REALLY want to use this shimeji, but this shimeji runs a different version of flash than 90% of the other shimejis i've found D:
KwartzKitten's avatar
KwartzKittenStudent General Artist
Really? I don't know a lot about that...
GodFlavoredBagel's avatar
Hey sorry could have corrected that... found out it's the other way around lol the one you have up uses java 7 while old ones use java 6. that's all I was saying ^^
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KwartzKittenStudent General Artist
Oh. Okay.
GodFlavoredBagel's avatar
Yeah sorry about that. ^^;
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Chrisnorris44Hobbyist General Artist
is it possible for shimejis to interact with each other?
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KwartzKittenStudent General Artist
Not to my knowledge, no. But I remember one that was two people in one shimeji that was pretty cute.
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MyArtIsMyBassHobbyist Writer
Cuteness of this level is not natural... Feferi is crawling along the top of my screen and it's adorable.
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KwartzKittenStudent General Artist
Eeeeee! it really is!
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Sapphira923Hobbyist General Artist
do u have a zip file? Mac cant open rar files
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KwartzKittenStudent General Artist
I'm terribly sorry, but I lost track of the original file when my old computer crashed. I don't have access to it at this time. Have you considered a converter?
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