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sketch script-fu now 2.4

if you have a old copy of this script please redownload
Turns any image into a sketch

Example 1

Example 2
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will this script run for gimp 2.8?
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To be honest I have not got a clue
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Works fine on 2.6.7
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Never mind, I got it to work!

For Mac users: drag file to library-->application support-->Gimp-->scripts. I think.
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I'm on a mac and I can't get this to work. I try to open the file and it says there's no application to open it with. any ideas? I'm on Leopard (10.5).
I can't get this one to work either!
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Nice update! Thanks!

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Is it meant to show text when you click "download"? @_@
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The above errors are due to the script not being at the moment compatible with 2.4 should be updated in the next couple of hours
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Help me if you can, every time I try to make it sketch it says.

sketch Message
Error while executing
(sketch 4 19 '(255 255 255))

Error: set!: unbound variable: theImage
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Simple answer download the latest version of the script you are trying to run an old version of the script with 2.4
Lady-fire's avatar's not working....
Same error for me also... anyone for a fix?
Using GIMP for Windows 2.4.1...
Hi I just joind and was trying to down load the "Sketch Script-fu and Glass Script-fu " but all I get it tex? Can some one please help me thanks and how would I install them am new to this kind of stuff but want to learn and that looks really cool thanks alot for the help
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Is this one converted yet? :)
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Hey, I'm really new to gimp, ^^;, and I was wondering how I exactly put this in. You see, when I download it, it gives me the text... I'm not quite sure what to do... Can you help me?
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Do you think that this will convert easily to Tiny-fu once the new version comes out?
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yes it will I am in the process of converting all of the scripts that i have writen
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Very handy!!! good job!
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thanks glad you like it
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I love it! Really neat. Had to download...
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