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GLASS SCRIPT-FU runs on 2.4

Turns any shape into a sheet of glass floating above the rest of the image along with a shadow, the following may be adjusted

* the glass thickness

* the offset of the shadow

this script works great with text as well as other shapes

here is the original tutorial [link]

If your interested in making a etched glass effect then follow this [Tutorial]
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Thanks fantastic😁😍🤩

Great script, thanks!
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works on 2.8 as well. Used your script in this image. thank you for the awesome script!…
I installed this script, and it shows up in the menu, but the menu option is greyed out so I cant select it.  Any ideas as to what could be the problem?
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Sorry it's took so long to reply. Has your current layer got an alpha channel. The script needs this as it uses alpha to selection to get the shape that the effect is being put on. 
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nice!! cant wait to play~~
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Great work, thank you
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great script - thanks
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Useful! Thanks!
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Great Script. Thank You!
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Script parfait avec un excellent rendu
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Really nice effect! Thanks :)

Btw, I'm on a Mac and it works fine :D
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This is wonderful! I'm sure I'll find many uses for this one. Thanks!
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Came across this some months ago and forgot to favourite it for future reference! I searched for twenty minutes to find it again!

Thanks a bunch, and good work.
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Awesome Script and thank you :)
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Does this work with 2.6.11?
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So far, I have been able to get this to work on 2.6. Hope that helps :)
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i must admit i dont know as i dont spend as much time using gimp as i used to
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omg, this is so epic i could actually use this lol xD
nice job!
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nice work man, wish i came upon this sooner
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wow! totally awesome script! I have one question, why does the image disappear when I use it?
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