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So Ive been at my new job for the New York Times Regional Media Group for about a month or so. I've been doing a mix of ads for print for a bunch of papers, tabs, magazines and websites. I've already leveld up quite a bit in the month I have been here, and I'm still learning more and more every day.

So its pretty cool working in NYTRMG. It's basically a big ol farm for designers and a bunch of publications send their work to us to be designed. Most of the designers are live ad designers meaning they do the stuff that gets printed right away. Since they're on strict deadlines, they don't have as much time to make flashy designs. The team I work with is the spec ad designers. We get to do the fun stuff :D

Spec ads are designs made solely for impressing the customers. If a sales person walks into a new customers office, they wanna have something cool to show off, so they ask us for a design. We don't work on strict printing deadlines so we have way more time and artistic flexibility. Also, as for now, the digital ad designers are in the spec team (though that shoudl really be its own team). Since us spec ad guys are more nerdy for the most part, were all pretty well versed in digital design too, so we all help each other out.

Anyways its a team of 6 of us and everyones awesome. point of the story, working closely with these 5 artists has dramatically improved my artist perspective! I love it!! WAHA!
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moving up in the big world! so how is life?!!
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everything is pretty goodilated so far. you developing any plans for the future for yourself?
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several and in the process of some. i might get an intership at lucas freakin arts!!!
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wow. too bad you didnt get the internship about 20 years ago lawls
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duuude, thats freggin' awesome. it actually sounds really fun. Ive kinda had the same effect only scaled down, cz Im in classes with ppl now who are in the same study and interest....well at least for the most part~

kudos to you John....way to go~%Pr
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good job you big poo head.
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lucky bastard, all i got is libby!
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lawls thast why i mvoed!@

and libby is coolzoorz!
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