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Kwaai = Cool

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What does Kwaai mean, anyway?
Glad you asked! Kwaai is a South African slang term for 'cool'.
Kwaai = cool. Software = Games. Kwaai Software = Cool Games.

Why choose a S.A. term?
While Kwaai is an American company through and through, we've got some deep roots in the culture of South Africa.

What are we up to?
We're currently still hard at work with our flagship MMORPG, Vampires: The Darkside, on the Facebook platform. We've been running strong since 2009 and have one of the most loyal gamer fanbase a small development team could ever ask for!

While we're working on the Darkside, we're also looking to rewrite this same world for Android mobile gamers, with a title called Vampires Dark Rising/u><. While the launch date is still TBA, we're anxiously anticipating it. Having taken the rich lore of the Darkside, it's best features, and a complete reworking of the game's engine to be enhanced in huge ways by the capabilities of today's smartphones, Dark Rising is sure to be a hit!

Why is Kwaai on deviantART?
While we're looking ahead for new, different and exciting games on Facebook and Android, we're all huge fans of the vampire genre. We've opened a group that's seen increasing success from this community's artists as well as those from our own player base. If you're interested in Vampire Art, maybe you should drop by and check us out right here: #Vampires-TheDarkside!

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