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Commissions are no longer open. May consider art trades, maybe.

I only accept free requests for my own characters.

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Nice gallery man!

If I decided to make this idea into a commission request.... what's the price? It's not as elaborate as the previous pics I've commissioned from you before.

Problem is, I don't really do commissions anymore. Just don't have the time these days between my day job, dog and whatever else that comes in between.

That said, you do put a lot of thought into your ideas, so I think you will definitely be able to get some good artists on board out there taking commissions.

Hey @TheDrowningEarth I just found this design which caught my eye due to its different shape which reminds me of similar period SMGs with forward grips like the Australian Owen gun, German Erma EMP, Polish Mors and early models of the US Thompson SMG. Granted, "due to its overtly complex design and high price, Lmg-Pist 41/44 is regarded as one of the worst service firearms of not only World War II, but in history." But what I find different is it kinda reminds me of the Australian Owen gun and Italian Beretta M1918 SMG if we alter the position of the Lmg-Pist 41/44's magazine to become a top-mounted magazine design instead like said Australian and Italian SMGs. I'm kinda wondering if this could provide inspiration for a fictional top-mounted, magazine-fed SMG design in a fictional setting where it could be the predecessor design of a later in-setting Owen SMG equivalent. It'll be like how the:

- British Lanchester SMG led to the later Sten and Sterling series of SMGs; or

- the USSR PPSH-41 led to the later PPS and Finnish KP m/44 SMGs; or

- the Thompson SMG was finally replaced by the simpler M3 "Grease Gun" SMG. What do you think of this idea? If I decided to make this idea into a commission request.... what's the price? It's meant to show two pic designs, the early version and the simplified version, with the historical Owen SMG being the main inspiration for the simplified version.

If you like it, do it.

Well Done Art Work Galleries Excellent Work

Hi there, your art is super cool! Have a great day! :D