Yeah! The sun! Freezing! Bounce card DIY! (new pic

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It's finally happened it seems: the temperatures here are beginning to stay below zero degrees celsius and the sun is shining! That means the darkness starts to withdraw and the era of light is on its way! :dance:


EDIT: I added some pictures to help with the building of the bounce card:

Shift + click here :)

(or scroll down)

If you have an external flash unit for your camera, here's a simple little instructable to build your own bounce card for it:

You'll need:

  - scissors
  - velcro tape; preferrably the adhesive type, not sewable; about 1,5cm wide
  - white cardboard slash something else that is white and easy to cut

1. Tape a piece of velcro tape around the flash head of your flash unit; not all the way, just the back and the sides. Use the fuzzy and soft counterpart of the velcro tape, not the one with the little hooks.

2. Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard that's as wide as your flash unit's head and high enough to rise some 5cm (2 inches) above the flash head when it's attached to it. That's because that's what bounce cards are for; reflecting a part of the light forward when the flash points UP.

3. Stick the 'counterpart' (the one with the little hooks) of the velcrotape to the bottom side of your piece of cardboard. This will be the means to attaching it to the flash unit's velcro tape.

That's it! Now you've got a simple "velcro -powered" bounce card for your flash unit, that you can easily:

  - remove
  - attach it upside-down to the back of the flash to be easily transported with the flash
  - attach it to the SIDE of your flash unit so you can bounce the flash forward even when shooting portrait format and the flash head pointing to the ceiling (you'll need a flash with a rotatable head for this)
  - adjust its placement

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Juuri oli uutisissa että lumipyry tulee Suomeen :)
Alkaisikohan nyt talvi?