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I bid you welcome to viewing the original source photo of my lovely life companion, which sort of went viral and is now largely (ab)used around the net with my credits cropped or edited out. Hoping that maybe at some point the original credits will catch up with the popularity, I'll continue to display this one without a distractive watermark. For queries on licensing this photo legally (or just making sure you're on the right track with it) check out my contact info at

With a firm handshake,

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Original color version ...…

BOO! Didn't see that coming, did you ?

This is my little fellow, Alma. She was found with her mom and siblings dumped in a ditch. Luckily the local animal shelter found them and here she is now, as happy as she can be! She's got funny paws because they're very furry. Sometimes that is a problem for her because the fur makes her paws very slippery when running.

This is one of my own favorite photos of all time. I think Paws captures the intricate nature of what I consider to be the personality of the most mischievous and bad-behaving kitten I've ever had the pleasure to have as my life companion.

The photo was shot standing under her against a book shelf. Meaning, the background is the ceiling. Me and my spouse got so excited about this photo that we plan to print it on canvas : ) (UPDATE: we did it, and it looks really cool; winkety-wink .. !)

Technicals: Handheld, flash with front bounce card (…), 30mm, Canon EOS350D

Workflow: B/W conversion, sepia, contrast, vignette

BTW: The picture isn't out of focus; focusing on the paws was a conscious decision. Consider it a portrait of her paws.

Comments and critique are most welcome.
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...did I do that?? :)
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The contrast in this image is marvelous! And the kitty is really cute X3 Amazing job!
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Amazing contrast.
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Many thanks ...! <3
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I'm glad I saw this version with your credits!   This picture kind of reminds me of "The Photojournalist" by Andreas Feininger Link   Which means I really like it!   :happybounce: 
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Then you're really going to like this one by Andy Prokh:…

Reminds me of this… photo by W. Eugene Smith :)
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Outstanding!   Thanks for sharing those, I had a really good laugh at how much the man's mustachioed nose looked like the cat's nose.   Extremely delightful, thanks for sharing.   :)
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Precious cat and photo!  :love:
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Much thanks! .)
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You're very welcome! :)
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Love that it's black and white. Cat is very cute. 
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Thanks, much appreciated! :)
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O.O get it, kitty!
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D: I'm hoping you're going to the Art Institute of York or attended there because I saw this same image being used in a design for a mock up Frisky's campaign.
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