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A small icon pack I made for an Android app called NoLED. The author describes it as follows:

NoLED is an application designed to show notifications on the Samsung Galaxy S. It displays different icons when missed events occur, such as Missed Calls, SMS, GTalk messages and Emails. The application is released as a substitute for the absence of a physical notification LED on the Samsung Galaxy S.
The AMOLED screen consumes very little power when displaying a black pixel. Therefore, we can use the screen to display these notifications.

The ones on the right consume less power since they use only 1-2 subpixels on the (S)AMOLED screen. The ones on the left are for those who don't worry about such things as battery life :)

If you have need for it you can find it here: [link] It's also available in the Android Market.
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I really like them :)
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Well hot damn I will release them then! :D I need a bit time though, because I don't have my work computer available at the moment, where the originals are, but I'm sure I can duplicate them with relative ease :)
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sounds great :D looking forward to them then! There's a real lack of decent android icons out there.
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Annndddd.... done!

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wow thanks! :D These are slick! x
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are you planning to release these sometime soon?
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Hi there ..!

Actually, the ones on the right are the default ones in NoLED, but the ones on the left were never used. I guess I could release them too :)
Please make a complete set of the LED icons The Power saver one. Thanks
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Thank you, but the power saver ones are the default icon pack in NoLED :)
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You cannot at the moment.. :( but. As people seem to be interested of them, I promise to make an official icon pack and send it to the NoLED developer. I'll let you know when they're ready :) (no promises though, I'm crazy buzy these days..! :o )
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cool, lookin' foward to the release hehe
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Look no longer haha :D [link]
Can't wait for this to be available! My Captivate needs it
Awesome work
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Hey, thanks a lot :)
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Good thought..Great Implementation! :)
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Thanks a lot ..! :)
Hi, how do I use the left icons in the Noled app? Thanks!
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Hi! A quick heads-up: the leftmost icons were *finally* released yesterday [link]

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Actually you can't at the moment.. :0 The good news is that the developer is very committed to making the app meet the demands of the users, so you shouldn't hesitate to ask him about the feature - I'm sure he'll listen. I contacted him about making the original 5x5 dots into icons and the feature was in the app a day or two later. The ones on the left were my initial suggestions for the app but we ended up using the single-colored ones for better battery performance. I did suggest making it optional to change between the icons, though, so we'll see. In the meanwhile, you should definitely drop him an email :)

Contact info: [link]
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I never thought of that, neat idea!
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Yeah, I think OLED displays are really under-utilized. When the original iPhone came out in 2007 there was some Apple patent describing a notification system where there was a separate led backlight to light up just the center of the LCD screen. This way different kinds of notifications would have been possible to be displayed on the center of the screen without turning on the main backlight. Even then I thought "why not do that using an OLED screen?" My previous phone used to display the time and date using a tiny font on its OLED screen. Other than that, I haven't seen the technology being utilized much.
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