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The littlest pixie child by kvarra13
Mature content
The littlest pixie child :iconkvarra13:kvarra13 2 8
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Chris the magic manstalk STORY
ohyes: what is this name.
ohyes: its
ohyes: whatever
Miku.Meltdown: ?
ohyes: i will name it chris
Miku.Meltdown: kk....xo
ohyes: chris was born on a farm
Miku.Meltdown: Yay..i live on farm !!
ohyes: neat!
ohyes: but this was a people farm
Miku.Meltdown: k
ohyes: where the people grew on stalks
Dakoda entered this board.
ohyes: hello dakota
Dakoda: Ladies~
ohyes: one
Miku.Meltdown: Hello
ohyes: is a lady
ohyes: you motherfucker
Dakoda: I am open to new things.
ohyes: i challenge you
Dakoda: To what
ohyes: to fisticuffs
Miku.Meltdown: lol
Dakoda: Okay.
Dakoda: I WIN
ohyes: oh no i lost
ohyes: so chris grew in a stalk
Miku.Meltdown: lol, ohyes wins my heart <3
Dakoda: I won the heart of the fine damsel
ohyes: but he was upside down so he came out wrong
Miku.Meltdown: ????
Dakoda: Miku is going to marry me now.
Miku.Meltdown: Yup, Tomorrow
Dakoda: Ok cool
Dakoda: How ol
:iconkvarra13:kvarra13 0 0
The Rodent and the Koala STORY
nap: i like those teets
NJ.: teets?
ohyes: yes they are its natural defense
nap: ha
ohyes: against the dark arts
featheroo: o_0
featheroo: uhhh alright then
NJ.: ?
nap: that is real art, ohyes
NJ.: im confused.
featheroo: I thought they were bros?
ohyes: so those two are brothers
featheroo: as in
featheroo: both male
nap: of the same mother??
ohyes: they were adopted to the same parents
ohyes: who were rulers
ohyes: of the land.
NJ.: this isnt an rp board
NJ.: please dont make it one.
ohyes: this isnt an rp
featheroo: lol
featheroo: NJ has a phobia of rps.
ohyes: this  is the godadmnd truth
ohyes: so they were the princes of the lands, see
ohyes: and one day the kind
nap: :)
ohyes: king
ohyes: of the land
ohyes: he said to the brothers
ohyes: there can be only one king
nap: new jersey you using reff?
drayen signed out.
ohyes: so the brothers had to fight for the throne
:iconkvarra13:kvarra13 0 0


Samus Portrait by poojipoo Samus Portrait :iconpoojipoo:poojipoo 3,574 208 Final Round Sneak Peek by Phobos-Romulus Final Round Sneak Peek :iconphobos-romulus:Phobos-Romulus 11 13 Final Round Sneak Peek 2 by Phobos-Romulus Final Round Sneak Peek 2 :iconphobos-romulus:Phobos-Romulus 13 14 Profesor Farnsworth by IsaacMontoya Profesor Farnsworth :iconisaacmontoya:IsaacMontoya 290 46
Why Hasbro COULD (and SHOULD) licence Mane 6.
(Note: This is a copy/paste. The original source, with links and a very relevant picture, is -- please share and enjoy!)
"Fanwork… is illegal," posits Phoe of Equestria Daily in her editorial ( ) on the recent shutdown of 'Fighting is Magic'. And she may be right. Intellectual Property laws in the United States are insanely tilted towards the interests of content rights-holders. (Note that I do NOT say "content creators", since in practice, most of the time, the actual CREATORS of content— e.g. Lauren Faust and the animators at DHX/Studio B— do not hold the legal rights to their own creations; larger companies, e.g. Hasbro, do. It's a sad situation, but it's been unfortunate reality for a very long time. See also: Musicians vs. Record Labels. But that's another screed for another time…)
Alright. Irksome, but it seems true e
:iconpurpletinker:purpletinker 10 32
FPSCaster engine by Donitz FPSCaster engine :icondonitz:Donitz 52 28 Rainbowda$h yuri diary by fristdynamo2
Mature content
Rainbowda$h yuri diary :iconfristdynamo2:fristdynamo2 374 165
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Resourceful study.
Since I will be tied up with school...
...I thought I'd compile a collection of the reference/study materials that I use and recommend to others. I will update the list from time to time (as I discover new things).
These resources are relevant for both digital and traditional mediums as well as technique and philosophy.
Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life by George Bridgman
Even if you don't draw people, I still recommend this book... as it teaches "blocking-in"/gestures. Copy the drawings/sketches from the book to help yourself build good habits.
The Zen of Seeing by Frederick Franck
Learn to see and you will learn to draw—this book explains how to see (with a more subjective approach).  
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
A great reference for anyone who can't shut their brain (an
:iconcosmicunicorn:CosmicUnicorn 52 9



Hey, friends!

I will no longer be using this account. The last time I put anything up here was about a year ago, I think!

Even though I'm abandoning Kvarra13, I'm actually gonna start uploading stuff again over at :iconscrandina:

Theres quite a few reasons why I'm abandoning this account (as if anyone gives a damn), but the biggest one is this:

Back when I used to frequent this site I was a childish cynical prick. I was a complete and total asshole and I'm thoroughly ashamed of the way I acted. I got over that shit long ago. I made alot of friends here back in the day, some were nice, rad people and some were jerks. I became such a dick that I drove away most of the nice people and all I was left with were the jerks! (I stayed friends with a couple nice folks who are definitely not jerks at all btw).

This profile is just a monument to all the ridiculous bullcrap I pulled as a kid and I think it deserves to rot forever.

Sorry if I was a dick to you!



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