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Shringasaurus face-off in Low poly


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Shringasaurus face-off in Low poly


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mesozoic World  map

2d palaeoart

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Shringasaurus face-off in Low poly

3D Palaeoart

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living animals

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portaiture and nudes

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Magic Of the Trance Dance - Bushman to Lion TF-2

transformation art

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Jesse Lingard 14

football art

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FLYING FEE Spain- 1693 Isabella Arandes was in the marketplace, her head held low. She wandered slowly from stall to stall, taking in the scenery, the scenery that she would never see again. As she walked through the crowd, she could hear people muttering and gasping. Young men and boys gawking at her otherworldly beauty. On most days Isabella would have been offended by such behaviour, but, at this time, she could not care less.  For Today is her last day of freedom. The last day before she is whisked away from her father’s house and sent off to marry a man she will never love. Tomorrow Isabella will be the wife of Don Del Portio and h


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the alien egg


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Oom Gerald: speedsculpt

3d Art

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Traditional Characters

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Arthropleura in Low Poly

Paleo: Paleozic life

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Dimetrodon in Low Poly

Palaeo: Permain Life

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Sharovipteryx In Low Poly

Paleo: Triassic Life

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Icthyosaurus in Low POly

Paleo: Jurassic Life

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Revamped: Deinocheirus in Low Poly

Plaeo: Cretaceous Life

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Smilodon In Low Poly

Paleo: Cenozoic life

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Twi'lek Jedi (star wars fanart)


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Marine Reptiles Panoply

Paleo Panoplies

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