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She's In Charge: a Hyena Tf

This picture ive had in the pipeline for almost three months now, partly because ive been working a lot in bender lately, and partly because my wacom has been giving me shit recently.
The gist of this image is that we have A tough as nails Punk Chick Transforming into another of Nature's Fierce femme fatales- The spotted hyena. Making Her transformation Weirder is the fact that female Spotted Hyenas have genitalia nearly identical to those of males, a feature that once lead biologists to believe that the species was hermaphroditic.

The Background was really fun to create, especially experimenting with creating graffiti art

For anyone interested, try see if you can find references to the following:A Grunge Band, A Motocycle Manufaturer, an angry continent, a defaced president, and an enemy of simba
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I wouldn't say it was biologists that believed the species was hermaphroditic. Biologists aren't stupid people, and it has been known that Hyena's were a bigendered species for centuries. The hermaphrodite belief stems from many ancient legends made by primitive tribesmen and clergy of the ancient world. Aristotle had disproven the hermaphrodite myth millennia ago in his biology book, De Generatione Animalium, where he describes the sexual dimorphism of Hyenas.
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You're probably right in that regard. My facts come from an Attenborough documentary that I watched a year or so back and which I probably misquoted anyways. Perhaps I should have phrased it "it was once believed...", if i were to be more truthful. But, as you will likely agree, I did say what I said in the caption for an online image i posted and not in a scientific paper, so you'll forgive my error in this regard.
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So I caught the Simba enemy and angry continent thing, I think I'm seeing the defaced president but can't place who it is, but I'm missing the others
(I swear it feels like the motorcycle manufacturer should be Harley, cause Harley = Davidson and Quinn, Harley Quinn = her hyenas Bud and Lou)
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Ok, the Grunge band reference and Motorbike reference are in the badges on her lapel. one is the Nirvana logo (the crocked smiley) and the other is, as you guessed the Harley Davidson logo. 

Sadly, i didn't actually intend to reference Harley Quinn in this image, mostly because i'm not much of a comic book fan, but the connection you made was really interesting
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This is pretty awesome
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SenorIncognito69's avatar
Quite interesting piece and biological fact! XD
kuzim's avatar
thank you, glad you enjoyed the impromptu biology lesson
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Biology is such a fascinating theme!
inside-our-mind's avatar
Nice art, and great job with the anatomical accuracy! A lot of people seem to forget that aspect of hyenas. 
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Thanks for the compliment. i was actually going to leave out the more 'sensitive' anatomy but decided to go ahead anyway. i was also thinking of calling the piece'chick with a dick' but thought that bit was too vulgar
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