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Plaeo Euros 2020

To celebrate the 2020 European Football Championship (which is being held in June 2021 due to to the COVID-19 Pandemic) i made this little scene featuring some extinct european animals dressed in the national football colours of a country in which their fossils are found (though some are oviously known from multiple countries)

these are:
Baryonyx walkeri (England)
Liopleurodon ferox (France)
Deinotherium giganteum (Turkey)
Europelta carbonenis (Spain)
Iguanodon bernissartensis (Belgium)
Stagonolepis robertsoni (Scotland)
Europasaurus holgeri (Germany)
Lisowicia bojani (Poland)
Caviaramus schesaplanensis (Switzerland)
Tanystropheus longobardicus (Italy)
Coelodonta antiquus (Russia)
Megaloceros giganteus (Netherlands)
Allosaurus europeaus (Portugal)
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Iguanodon for Belgium? Seems legit to me^^

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So, it's true that the first known Iguanodon specimens come from England. However the many most complete specimems come from the mines of Bernissart, Belgium. Due to some convoluted taxonomic history, Iguanodon benissartensis (defined by the Belgian material) became the new type species of genus Iguanodon. So, whilst Iguanodon is still known from England and is more commonly associated with England, i made Baryonyx the English mascot and had Iguanodon represent Belgie

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You seem to be a real specialist^^ yes, Belgium have a lot of beautiful iguanodons specimens exposed in the museum of natural sciences of Bruxelles . When I was young, seeing those giant skeletons made me realised that all those creatures were real, it was some fantastics memories^^

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How is europelta wearing the shirt without breaking the shirt?

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i was to lazy to try cover all its osteoderms :p