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Ice Age Rivals- Coelodonta fight

another, belatedly uploaded paleoart piece. here we have two male male Wooly Rhinoceros, of the genus Coelodonta, fighting for territory.
i was experimenting with background, lighting and composition, and i'm generally pleased with the way it all turned out
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This should be in a museum, I could see it,
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thanks for the compliment.
there's a paleontology sciences dept at my university, but i haven't as yet had the balls to show any of my art to them. so, so much for "in a museum"
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Show them, If you really want to get their affection, draw a not well known prehistoric mammal!

Draw a Paraceratherium!
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that a great idea for a drawing. but i feel i need do do more work before i can seriously approach these guys.
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Try your best!