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Torven X - Page 1 - Low Res

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Torven X, Page 1!

Action! Comedy! Drama!
......will >not< be seen in this page, let's situate ourselves first :D. Look at all the races that inhabit Ilem? Aren't they a lot? And we're still missing a few!
And yes, those're humanoid pinguings, fluffy, hai? ^_^

Check the "Characters" section of Crimasi's several Torem Galleries, see the TUX (the pinguins), and all others :D.
All but a sneak preview, though, of what Torven X will cover ;)

Hope you liked the page, do comment :)
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You may want to refrain from doing all caps with the looping font. Certain letters (like I, J, and T) look so much alike that it can be confusing. Other than that, it looks great. Love the art, love the layout, love the concept.
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Yeah, I'm aware, that's why the whole thing isn't in caps ;).
Took the time to find some comics that had any lettering not in caps, before I picked that font for the narration. There weren't that many =/.

Anyways, other than that ;), tks for reading! Glad you like it.
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That's fine, I just wanted to point it out to you after Luixsia directed me this way. :P It looks great, it's just a bit confusing in that regard. But other than that, I say full speed ahead. :D Best of luck!
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omg penguins!!!! 0-0 *pengui-naps them*
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Hahaha, I know that feeling @_@
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cool :O

i feel ashamed for not being done with mine -.-
i think i'll take some days off from school at the end when tests are done. That way i can get art-y again :'D

ps: lol, the last panel is like the one we have in our first page. Black figure jumping in front of the full moon.
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Hahah xD, glad you liked it, hope you enjoy the next pages too :)

And so you should :P. And ok, that would be pretty cool :)

ps. Yeah, though this one's not supposed to be jumping ^_^'. Anyways, me likes da moon o.o. But in ours it serves to give mistery to our mummies, while here, it's just postponing the better sized introduction of the character hehe xD

cheers! o/
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<3 <3 <3

The second and third text panels really had me confused for a while. I still don't think I understand it!
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I don't get it, confusion is good? o.ô What's up with them? :P
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Just all of the "different races within species" lines got me really mixed up! Are the 'areas', in this case, the biggest of all of the nouns mentioned?
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You got it ;) Areas would be the geographic space in a map. Like the narrator continues on to explain, one area is the Trinity of War area, which includes three territories ( the three kingdoms) plus the informal fourth, filled with neutral locations/villages. Each territory is then inhabitted by up to three species, of which there are several races. Especially on Daemon and Haeomon, distinguished by their skin color :).
It's all about diversity, this world of Ilem.
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Alright. I'm particularly looking forward to this comic because I really want to take in the mood and setting of the world, mainly to aid my music's development for Torem, so that I'll know whether to make it light or dark, happy or sad...
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^_^, right! I hope it'll help :D
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