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Comic AotH: the King - Cover

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Personal Comments
The cover's especially nice, I think. I'd like to rub my ego and say it's my idea but "hands reaching out to the bird" isn't really something worthy of mentioning, hahaha. All the comic, as with this cover, is his vision of the story, a vision I liked plenty. Hope you like it too.

General Comments
Oplan30, [link] in order to practice comic scripting and drawing, chose the my first tale of Age of the Hunt. It was an HONOR xD.

The comic turned out cool, I think, I hope y'all like it. I'll be uploading it as the days develop, so not to spam my watchers.

Thank you for reading.

Legal stuff
So, to make matters clear...OPLAN30, creator of the DA page linked by his name, drew this comic book. It is the creative property of both him and mine, and should not be used or otherwise distributed without our consent.
The story itself is my own property, creator of this DA page, which Oplan30 used with my consent (and due appreciation), and is to be used or worked upon, like it was here, only in under that circunstance: my consent (and due appreciation :))
Thank you.
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Very good cover, The art is quite good, so props to oplan the artist :P
The concept itself makes the cover special though.. While not completely re-memorable, it's different and gets you interested. *nods*
I will be reading the comic as it gets uploaded.