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fall keeper by Kuwaizair, visual art

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orange kittens by Kuwaizair, visual art

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Highlander, Finding Nemo, TLK, Beeteljuice, Nightmare before christmas, Mel Brooks films,
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danny elfman, Ryuji Sasai, Nobuo Uematsu and some other sound track composers
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final fantasy(s), Ecco, Rpgs, suikoden, various SMT titles, LOZ titles
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dinosaurs, mythical animals, sleeping, cheese, meats, tea, vidio games
i wonder if i should give up and make wallpapers or shitty memes here using other people's images. i forgot that was one reason I left this place. DA allowing anyone to copypaste a bunch of offical art work and illustrations and upload it. as well
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you get people who say total copies are ok you get people say there are rules you get people telling you how to draw right, like no ovals you get people who say no such thing as bad art you get them that anatomy should never matter, even in professional settings. i'm lazy and disenfranchised. ..wait that is not the word I want. unenthused perhaps
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so DA cannot police the site and lets people edit screen captures and parade it around as originals and they don't do anything? saves a lot of time witch hunting.
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Happy new year, 2022!!

Your art maybe nice,but you hurting others is not a nice thing
that is not hurting. telling someone "KYS you feckless wonder" is hurting. or "if you are in love with your dog, you are a sicko"
this all escalated because I asked their friend if they believe they are fma.wikia.com/wiki/Envy or roleplaying. there are people out there who do this. this all went bad because "help help someone thinks I'm fictionkin,(otherkin.wikia.com/wiki/Fictio…) but I'm real right?" which apparently I need to believe because other friends have known the guy for four years
everything Insanity's Envy friend has on line, has what looks like a roleplay bio. not "i'm just a dude form ________ who enjoys ______________________ and Envy is my favorite character, I can't make my own 'sona so I'll just use him"

I ask if they are just roleplaying or believe. After all your friend Insanity (which is a perfectly chosen name with the paranoia and hotheadedness and belief anime characters can be brought to life and become your friend, after all, the "we're friends" is "he brought me back to life and now I'm a good guy" and everyone gets defensive.

"some meanie says my friend is not real, my friend is real. why do you say he is not real?"  kind of things. "because your friend says they are a character from a manga/anime. because you act like you believe it, and I want to know if you do"

what strong person takes that as a personal attack?

so then this skips to my "ah everything Insanity is saying is make believe, I'll play with him"  , with their acting like things are real, I assume now he lies about the miscarried little brother of his.

then it escalates.

then it becomes a game.

then how do I know everything else is not "playing pretend"

it escalates, it's assuming now we're all just "playing pretend" and Insanitys words are just manipulation, roleplaying, floundering for attention.

your adversary here is someone that has "Sailor Pluto" believe they will bring sorcery into this world and hurt people with it, not just that but have some kind of demon army and cause some kind of supernatural final-war-on-earth. I had a friend who believes this and no longer wants anything to do with me, because "a spirit told him his dream was a vison and not a weird dream". Oh and he believed to be Sailor Pluto in a past life

when ever there is talk of meaness or cyber bullies I use asbsurd examples, of things I've seen or got involved in.

feel like dying because people said you are sick because you have a boyfriend and you love your dog like you would love a boyfriend? check
feel like dying because someone told you not to trace? check

and now being stressed out because it all started with your friend being asked if they are a roleplayer or believe they are someone's intellectual property? I'm going to find some way to write anonomsly somewhere where people help you with struggles by "I am hurting because someone told me my friend is not a Delfox that is a member of Slytherin house, and is astral married to ff7's Sephiroth  why do people do these things?"

and a spy? and murderer?
what level of panic is that.  who would of sent me to be a spy?
Very random, but I happened to come across a comment of yours on one of my photos - from over 6 years ago. Just thought I'd let you know that even to this day I can still laugh about having carried around a dead fox in a plastic bag through a forest, and you're to "blame". Just a funny memory.. (comment in question here: fav.me/d1yitgi )