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You're a really good artist!

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Hi, i know this is very old now but someone on instagram has copied this image and is using it as their own

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Scooby Doo ? anyway, i like her look, and the illustration style :)
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This is my favorite. Been using this as Discord profile pic for years. =)
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xKito brought me here. The song really brings out the art. It was really a nice choice as it compliments both the song and the art.…
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She is beautiful.

OH now do Aphrodite as a stereotypical alpha B@%^ being all "HOW IS SHE PRETTIER THAN ME!?"
Amazing xD
My friend link me, sayed: "hey, i found you" :)
Aaaand real, she looks like me :)
Greeting from xKito. and she looks like Velma from Scooby Doo
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Cute and very Pretty. Somehow she looks like my wife without eyeglasses :D
I literally look like this, like it's ridiculously amazing. I've been linked to this picture like three times by people, it's so accurate. 
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Was linked to your art from someone's youtube playlist. I must say, you've got quite a mastery of a variety of styles. Very nice work. I'm impressed by--and envious of--the realism of your skin tones even in what are sometimes stylistically less realistic characters. 

Keep up the good work!
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She has that sexy 'Daphne Moon' thing going on. #Frasierflashback
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What I wish I looked like! I did have glasses like that when I was in school!
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me gustó este dibujo, muy bonito el rostro, me gustaría saber como lo has hecho, soy empírico y desconozco la técnica
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This is really cute. Reminds me of a friend of mine. <3
TheInkDrop's avatar… Please report him Kuvshinov-Ilya I hate it when people do this to artists and i would hate it if you just let it slide 
ahah! its velma from scooby do, and she is rather charming in this drawing ;)
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I adore your sketchy coloring and style, keep it up! Getting a watch out of me for sure!
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Such beauty! i want this style FREE flying hearts Icon 
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