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Wayward Comic Cover Art


Variant cover art I've done for Wayward comic's issue #15!…

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I love wayward omg!!!! yessss!!!!!!
Do you do art for fun? There is an opportunity to do art for my Friends Book/Comic he is writing that is really mind blowing. He would be able to give you more details about it then me but I know the main points. It is completely Brilliant. I love your artwork and you are Extremely talented would you be interested  in becoming one of his Illustrators. 
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Hi, it looks great, but the background is too light for the white logo, it does not read at a small size.
Would you please critique my cover layout?…
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I love Wayward! 
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Ayane looks fantastic!
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Just finished the first volume!! Awesome :D <3!!
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She got all dem pussies... (get it??)AHAHAHHAHA OH GOD THE FUCK AM I DOING?
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Oh, awesome! I really enjoy this comic :) Your cover looks awesome.
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Looks really cool! AMAZING JOB!!! :D
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-- C A T T T T T T T T!!!
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cats :3 good job!^^
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When I saw this image, I first thought, "Huh...that art style looks really familiar".

Then just now, I noticed your name.

Then I realized.

"Oh s**t it's Illya!"

(Following now)
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Simply, I love your work!!
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