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Urabe and Instant Ramen

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This is some kind of remake of the original Nazo no Kanojo manga's chapter pic [link]

Hope you like it!
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I love this, you get that weird feel from her as when you read the manga
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Arigato Gozaimasu!
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You are absolutely one of my favorite painters. I love this painting too. Do you know any Japanese model who looks just like her?
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I love this character is so unique!!! and even though the has already finished there are so many mysteries around Urabe!!!
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Yesszzz! Urabe 
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It's perfect to me, save for one eensy teensy thing.  Her eye(iris?) is just a tad too big.  I mean obviously compared to the original it's way bigger, but if her iris was a bit smaller or rather just more sharp it'd convey that "Look" she has all the time.  But really it's not necessary and very VERY minor.
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I LOVE Urabe! Great work! :D :heart:
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so many amazing eyes~!
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Urabe Mikoto. This is great!
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I love ur art man.
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Outstanding. I enjoyed this series and your art captures the mystery of the character well. I very much like the 1940's sort of flatness to it.
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Это просто шикарно)
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I love how one of her eyes is hidden behind her hair. :)
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ОООоо ты тоже её смотришь :))))) Крутой фанартище :)
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Читаю! Спасибо)
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I'm in love with your painting style, and that filter! it gives your pieces such a great look!
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You're welcome!
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Как всегда прекрасно.
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I heart Urabe! You even put her panty scissors in there too!
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