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AKIRA fan art

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hahaha, man, this one looks fucking awesome, good job!!! :D
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Good work I love the expression.
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His intense expression is just...beautiful. 
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love akira, love this pic
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I was about 12 the first time I watched Akira and it was subtitled only. Loved it. Still do.
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Great fanart!

RevealedFromtheVoy's avatar
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kamehameha!! :P

oops wrong anime
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Love the hand and contrast XD
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Nice. Tetsuo is one of my favorite manga/anime characters!
ThorTaco's avatar
i saw this and immediately screamed "TETSUUOOOOO" 
amazing work! uvu
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ooo, watched this at 2 in the morning once. Didn't do much for my sleep deprivation. 
Love this!
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picture speak for themselves:

for those who think the critique is shopped:…

"I've stolen all those people's work, made big money with it, but it's ok, cause I'm sorry, and all those 12 year olds love me anyway"
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It's always funny seeing this picture. So it proves that he uses references? Cool. Plagiarizing cosplay (REAL PEOPLE) and figurines isn't a thing. Using reference for pictures is one of, if not the best thing to do to ensure that you will have accurate proportions for the human body. 

I get that the DeviantArt community has a problem with using reference (and it fucking shows. 98% of deviantart is trash, Spending even 1 second on something like Artstation just proves that) But cmon. Getting all up and arms about someone using reference or redrawing a scene in his specific style isn't Plagiarizing . It's what he does. HE draws scenes in his style. That's what hes going for.

Oh and since people think that all of his drawings are traced, how bout you look at one of his videos of him drawing. You know, the ones with absolutely no tracing involved.

The man is one of the best on this site. It's insane to see how fast his skills improved. And it makes sense, he used reference and the other resources that were available to him in order to improve his art in a immense rate. Unlike many of the deviantArt users who avoid learning fundamentals and color theory etc. Ilya actually put in the work and it shows.

I mean. I guess the random strangers he draws on the train is considered Plagiarizing too. Fucking hell.
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It's called referencing, dumbass.
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