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Atlus' Catherine
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Duuuude this is so weird.

I get this thing where I'll watch or see something, and then almost immediately after I'll see a surge of fanart of it, when I've seen nothing beforehand...
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Beautiful picture my friend.
catherineirkalla's avatar
I can honestly say this is one of my favorite pictures ever, no exaggeration.
WhiteCrowMoon's avatar
Chaotic ending FTW! It was the most interesting for me. 
DragonflyLilly's avatar
I love this game! I loved the ending where he stayed with Catherine, and he became like the God of the Underworld. So much better an ending.
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minimaxpower's avatar
which anime is it ? =)
yoshibuya's avatar
it's a game called Catherine! It's really good, you should play it.
And it also has anime-style animated scenes on some cases ~
SCdibujos's avatar
best end, awesome work, really love this *_*
Creator-Chan's avatar
oh my glob this art is on fucking point! the way you drew this is exactly the way it is made on the game! somehow i just sort want to believe you're the one for their designs... but hey i know you aren't so whatever.... nicely done though ^^
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are you like, the art director of atlus games? o.o This looks amazing~
vanillasky93's avatar
Catherine *_*
uhh Vincent looks so hot, great sketch
SaintTrash's avatar
Amazing! you actually make me want to play the game now lol
m-a-g-g-i-e's avatar
i saw all the game and is freaking awsome!!!
i LOVE this drawing it is soooo cool i remember very well that ending ;)
Pas6fisX's avatar
i hope he's not going to try to take over the human world o.o
Aldridge517's avatar
I just bought Catherine last week. I've been wanting to play it for a long time and I'm going for the evil ending.
Level2Select's avatar
Yay, Catherine!! :D
LuisIzquierdo's avatar
hahahhaha great game, and great drawing
Acidpond's avatar
I still need to still rent this weird game lol
KillerDrock's avatar
Awesome! One of my Favorite Games Ever. Great Job!
Vampirik-Gackt-sama's avatar
 Excellent detail, shadowing and color style. :happybounce:  Love that video game.
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