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Q Painting Steps

You can support me and get access for process steps, videos, PSDs, brushes, etc. here:

More art on:




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Cool. I love these painting step guides.
canttel's avatar
the last photo, does anyone know what kuv used to make the picture look blurry/surreal? 
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the artist did a tutorial on this already!
canttel's avatar
whats the name of the damn tutorial
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Search "Chromatic aberration tutorial" by the artist :)
Fabulous photography. If you have not already, I would suggest to also upload it on website YouPic, to get even more people to view this.
AlexAMarques's avatar
Obrigado pela aula... Bela arte
CrazyCandyFoxy's avatar
H.. How? I really love your art, but how did you learn to draw so good?! :P
VKliza's avatar
nice tutorial, I'm gonna try these steps
thank you!
Achisuto-chan's avatar
OMG please do a tutorial on how you do the eyes! Please please please
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Hi would you be willing to do my book cover for me. I really like your artist abilities and I really think you can make my cover. Please reply or pm me once you see this.
Martsuia's avatar
Pretty sure a professional artist wouldn't even bother doing that. What have you done for him? Nothing. Go make your own book cover
bubbaGREMLIN's avatar
but that IS how it works with professional artists. You write a book and you want someone really good to make you a book cover so you ask around and if they accept your offer you pay them money and everyone is happy, you get a good book cover they get sweet money.
Martsuia's avatar
Actually yeah that is quite right
posiedon2013's avatar
Your not the owner of this picture so I wasn't talking to you. You don't know what professionals and people might do so shut your negative trap because all your doing is catching flies in them
Martsuia's avatar
Look. I'm really doubt that he's gonna make a book cover for you because he would probably ask you for money for that. You're probably just a kid that can't draw and just asking random people to draw for you. 
Not everybody can draw and it's not uncommon for an author to have another make a cover for them. Asking around is exactly how some of them find a person to make one. I don't know who you are, but what you said was pretty rude and ignorant. 
Martsuia's avatar
Thanks. But I want talking to you
Martsuia's avatar
Oh my god that grammar tho. sorry
Dr-Dualech's avatar
You must have a lot of friends
Martsuia's avatar
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