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P4D Narukami Yu

Persona 4: Dancing All Night's Narukami Yu fan art!

You can support me and get access for process steps, videos, PSDs, brushes, etc. here:

More art on:




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I used to play persona 4 on my ps2 😭😭😭😭

can i use this as a pfp?

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Do you take requests?
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Atlus seems to have recognized Yu's swag because there is a lot of it in his dance style.
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He is the to awesome. All I'm wondering is why isn't the background yellow? That was P4's main color
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(Never watched the anime or played the arcade based fighting game)
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or is it..
he has many names, such as souji seta or swag mastah
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Lmao. Swag mastah really fits
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it sure does.
that title will soon be passed to the p5 protag.
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this is fantastic!
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I wish I have a psp  vista  so I can play the game Yu  is so cool
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Love the colors on these.  The slight displacement of layers, the slight pixelation.  They really pop and you've given me some ideas to try.
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Yu looks so amazing >////<
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perfect #5 Free Icon: Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) Icon  <3
program? ;3;
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I love Yu. He's cute and really fun (I watch the anime with him as ell, and he makes me laugh quite a bit). Nice picture of him.
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