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She looks really bored, just like me. There's nothing to do during summer break, ironically enough.
AXDG's avatar
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
Are you available for freelance work?
Olimar-Putin's avatar
She sees right through me! She knows all my secrets now! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Ghoul893's avatar
Awesome illustration.
FarLights's avatar
It looks amazing !
The look on her face is totally awesome.
Great job.
ElSamur197's avatar
I saw this in an ImagineFX magazine! Cool stuff.
MarkXT9000's avatar
Ok ok, i'm gonna "improve" this by making it look "realistic", don't just expect how it looks tho.
MarkXT9000's avatar
Make sure you don't overused the character in the painting much or else people might get bored. Just sayin tho.
CleotheRabbit's avatar
Err, what do you mean
MarkXT9000's avatar
Who's the name of the character from the painting first?
CleotheRabbit's avatar
MarkXT9000's avatar
Ok, i'm just telling that the painter is using the character much, i don't know who's the character or else but just reminding him something.
CleotheRabbit's avatar
They aren't using the character too much, I think this is the only picture with this character in it. Have you taken a look in their gallery?
Also, what did you mean when you said that you'll make it look better?
MarkXT9000's avatar
Ok, i thought they're like using the same character much because of the faces tho and i have lurked into the gallery too, almost same faces.

and what i mean better is changing the lightings and colors like "shaders" style, just look on my twitter @MarkG2002
CleotheRabbit's avatar
I don't go on Twitter, and I don't know how to get through it. Adding filters isn't making it better, anyway.
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Icolen's avatar
I love your style ! She's cute !
vorgel1's avatar
That Soda cup looks so uncanningly real!
JaySaysHey's avatar
Stunning! I always love it when the characteristic manga style gets mixed up with the realistic style... Just noticed how everything but the face is slightly out of focus. Really cool effect that makes her eyes pop out even more. ^~^)b
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