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Just watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and it's totally awesome!
So here's my fast fanart of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Process gif: ipic.su/img/img7/fs/mystique_W…
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I love Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, I don't give a flying damn about what you think negative on her; I love the physicality and mysterious she adds on the role, the relationship between Beast, Professor X and Magneto, I don't care if I get hate or not, but I think she's a better actress than Rebecca Romjin
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I love Mystique, can't get enough of her. This portrait really does it. Good work.
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Is it just me or is the real Mystique, the blue one, way more beautiful? :)
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PalfrostHobbyist Traditional Artist
Isn't she always ?
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I remember one of Mystique's lines from the first movie, when she was kicking that senator in the teeth..."People like you made me afraid to go to school!!"
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PalfrostHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is seriously jaw-dropping.
I want a full-raven and a full-mystique now !!!
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This is amazing. I love Jennifer Lawrence.  
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Me too, she's fantastic in every sense, and I personally love her interpretation of Mystique and the way she was reintroduced in X-Men: First Class, with her relationship with Professor X, Beast and Magneto; I honestly prefer her more than Rebecca Romjin
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runensteinHobbyist General Artist
Now it's official, I love you 
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krisren28 General Artist
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Mutant and proud
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AliasArtworksHobbyist General Artist
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Beautylicous Love 
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Omg so great
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Blackclass180Hobbyist General Artist
DEEP ass pic! love it!
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LdsdadHobbyist General Artist
Clever concept, beautiful art!
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ciao-7Hobbyist General Artist
so beautiful! both sides of her :)
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FlashaliHobbyist General Artist
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SapphireRose29Hobbyist General Artist
Really cool. Great work! God bless you! :D
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