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Marie sketch

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By Kuvshinov-Ilya   |   
Published: July 24, 2014
© 2014 - 2020 Kuvshinov-Ilya
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Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Macintosh)
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I like marie she gets hated on too much.
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Brandoch-DahaHobbyist General Artist
Also pretty damn skippy!  :D
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SimonsoneHobbyist Digital Artist
how do paint like that?! looks reeally good!
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RaxonXVIHobbyist General Artist
Marie is my fave love her so much and you did an amazing job 
PhantomWolfBlood77's avatar
Nice & amazing art work!
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Koromaru-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing, do you plan on doing Yukiko Amagi :o?
freeza-frost's avatar
freeza-frostHobbyist Traditional Artist
cute!  love marie!
donicx1's avatar
Persona 4 Golden's Marie one of my favorites.
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LOUISalemStudent Filmographer
marie-chan :)
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DarkBlueCrescentStudent Digital Artist
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LoveCherryBlossomHobbyist General Artist
waaa~!! *0* how do you draw this and color this?
Jungjaid's avatar
Very beautiful, I love this pic so much
NoonRose's avatar
Marie chan so cute
ShinPersonaMaster's avatar
ShinPersonaMasterHobbyist Artist
silly ? but this is a character from an smt game?
Vyctorian's avatar
Vyctorian Digital Artist
Amazing shading!~
ghost-nerdy's avatar
ghost-nerdyStudent General Artist
fantastic job 
Navietta's avatar
BEST WAIFU 10000/10
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Nice work.
Looks really amazing!
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HIRVIOSProfessional Digital Artist
Please tell me if I'm missing something, 
but how the hell does this count as a sketch!?

I seriously doubt you did this in 2-5 minutes ,
and even if you did, this is just too refined to slap a "this is a sketch" label on it!

Seriously, what am I missing here!?
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JayCrestHobbyist Digital Artist
If an artist perceives it that it's unfinish or unrefined to him, I guess he could call it, a "Sketch". Depends on the artists' POV I guess.
HIRVIOS's avatar
HIRVIOSProfessional Digital Artist
Hmm, yeah, that makes sense.

It's just that, I'm pretty sure that it's just me, 
but every time I see somebody present a fine piece of art 
and then calls it a "sketch", I feel like the artist is acting like an arrogant bastard.  :D (Big Grin)

If you feel like its unfinished, then say that it's unfinished!
Don't give a fine piece of art the label that is meant to be given to 5-10 minute scribbles!

Anyway, I'm sure that what I'm saying can be argued against, 
I just felt like letting out some steam Sweating a little... 
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JayCrestHobbyist Digital Artist
who knows, maybe he/she made it under 5-10 minutes? I mean If I look at it closely, the lines and colors aren't that refined but rather, close enough to contribute beauty to the piece. And I guess the good reason why artist often call it a sketch is because it's not really refined for their stature, and that they don't feel like refining it any further, thus, calling it a sketch rather than "Unfinished".

But yeah, I could agree on you on how some might sound arrogant about it. I've encountered many who would put "Sketch" on the title but when you look at the work, it looks so refined and the same as his/her other refined non-sketch works.
HIRVIOS's avatar
HIRVIOSProfessional Digital Artist
Whelp, the only way to really find out is to directly ask them,
or get that good yourself and find out :D (Big Grin) 

Thanx for the conversation bro! 
JayCrest's avatar
JayCrestHobbyist Digital Artist
NP ^_^
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