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wraith-hawk's avatar
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This is absolutely beautiful!! :heart:
Danico1601's avatar
This is one of my favourites.
DeadShadow666's avatar
I love it!
Can I use this pose on my character?
Neorii's avatar
Very interesting pose. Love the colors. 
I really like this one, thanks!
pegilaf's avatar
Yo, your art is amazing!
Onexista's avatar
NekoYasha117's avatar
So beautiful!! May I ask to use it as the wallpaper for my desktop? 
underooss's avatar
so beautiful!!  Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara
the coloring vibe and the contrast is stunning
TheNewInspiration's avatar
Woah, his (or her) eyes caught me right away when i was scrolling. Just amazing and strangely captivating. Really good work ^^
Feeddannow's avatar
This piece is really captivating.  I love it.  Keep up the great work.
FennelWind's avatar
Awesome work, really !すばらしいいいいいいいいい!!!
graydama's avatar
That lighting and colors!!! :love:
LuckyGoLilac's avatar
Hands are difficult to draw but this is perfect aaa
runna12's avatar
I follow you on instagram ! I hope draw beautiful art like yours someday !!! <3
umichki's avatar
So pretty. Your art is beautiful.
teeheeteepee's avatar
ahaha that's a powerful spell indeed :)
xSocratesx's avatar
Oooh, this one and another of your latest pieces do away with the more gentle emotions displayed on the faces of earlier works.. these have a bit more fire or anger behind them. I love the contrast, and I think you did it well.
POLISHhedgieFanGirl's avatar
can't see the M but a W! great art as always, though :P
sandame's avatar
It's being used as the background of this video.…
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